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VisionaryFunso (IOS-Iwilade Olufunso Stephen)
VisionaryFunso (IOS-Iwilade Olufunso Stephen)

I am VisionaryFunso (The Political Prophet)- Iwilade Olufunso Stephen, an unknown survivor of the June 12 1993 democratic struggle;as at then, I was the General Secretary of University of Ife Students’ Union (now called Obafemi Awolowo University).
Nigeria’s democracy since 1999 has been far from reality! The basic benefits any citizen can have in a truly democratic country is very shallow in the Nigeria I call my own.
Along with other SU leaders such as Omoyele Sowore at UniLag, we federated our Students’ Unions against the increasing oppression of the Babangida regime and what turned out to be the military watershed, democratic bloodshed and electoral upheaval- June 12.
This is not the democracy we fought for and this is not the Nigeria we dreamt of building.Nigeria is suffering from systemic democratic deficiency; until now, the previous government looks better than the next.
This is due to the foundation-the 1999 Nigerian Constitution- the powerhouse of Nigeria’s democracy is faulty!I started this politics blog as a diary of analysis for young Nigerians on how they can have a better 9ja!
I termed it “The Nigerian Dream”, a concept based on “3rd force political coalition” , a new Nigerian constitution and electoral reforms and that is why I will be supporting politicians who share the same ideology.

  • Omoyele Sowore, former Presidential candidate (AAC)
  • Kingsley Moghalu, former Presidential candidate (YPP)
  • Shehu Sani, former Nigerian Senator
  • Tope Fashua, former Presidential candidate (ANRP)
  • Fela Durotoye, former Presidential candidate (ANN)

Read through my political thoughts on current trends in Nigeria’s politics as by navigating through the menu!Contact me on Twitter: @NaijaCountryman

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