2019 Presidential Election Rigged? [75 Per Cent Probability]

I remember when the 2019 Presidential Election was first scheduled, it was February 16, 2019, the Election Day in Nigeria.

It was a Saturday, and I guess, everyone has trooped out to vote, I havent got my PVC so I didn’t but I stayed tuned to the news listening to what’s going on.

But it was my view then that the 2019 Presidential Election was rigged and now I still have the same feeling.

2019Presidential Election: Two Major Presidential Candidates

The two major Presidential candidates of the 2019 Nigerian Presidential Election were the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress APC and the major opposition candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party.

These were the candidates who had national structure and political proximity as that time.

The reasons why I have the feeling that the 2019 Presidential Election was rigged are what I outlined below.

Days Ahead of the 2019 Presidential Election, why was the Chief Justice Suddenly Removed?:25 Per Cent Rigging Probability

I remember Chief Walter Onnoghen, the head of the Supreme Court (the final court for Presidential Election petitions) was removed from office in 2019, the Election Year and 29 days away from the 2019 Presidential Election, by the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) on the basis of not declaring his assets,

Meanwhile why didn’t the CCT find this out since he was appointed in 2017?

Walter Onnoghen on his removal from being CJN

2019 Presidential Election Polling Results:50 Per Cent Probability

The 2019 Presidential Election polling results showed that;

Buhari got the majority votes in the North-West, North-Central, North-East and South-West while;

Atiku got the majority votes in the South-East, South-South and parts of North-East.

I didn’t conduct a poll, but from what I felt in the South-West since 2018 pre-election year I don’t think the election was free and fair:

In the South-West: I suspected vote-buying and vote-selling a point in case is the All Progressives National Leader, Tinubu and the bullion van that came to his house that election day/period.

In the North-East: I suspect inflation of figure, the North-East have had Boko Haram insurgency and the people who voted in Borno, according to INEC’s polling results was quite a number that even made the Alhaji Atiku’s PDP to suspect foul play.

In the North-West: I am not sure of rigging but it may be possible.

This is not to suggest that President Buhari didn’t have votes in some areas, he sure did… But it is to suggest that his All Progressives Party may have rigged on his behalf in spots that haven’t shown too much public support for Alhaji Atiku.

Now, the All Progressives may be trying to woo Jonathan to APC ahead of the 2023 Presidential Election to maintain federal power.

All Progressives Should Not Forget that if Jonathan wasn’t a democrat in nature (not even talking about being a PDP member/Peoples Democrat) they may not have won the 2015 Presidential Election as declared by INEC.


2019 General Election: Why Exactly Was It Postponed?:75 Per Cent Rigging Probability

The 2019 Presidential Election that has been scheduled to run that 16th was postponed during the mid-night by what appeared to be an emergency meeting of INEC officials to the 23rd February, 2019, a week, and the Governorship Elections too were postponed to a later date, the reason given were “logistics” and so that there can be “free and fair

election s”

Nigerians only heard the news the next morning and even President Buhari was already on Daura, Katsina,his home state, to cast his vote.

It was postponed at the last minute, we only heard it the next morning.

Why the last minute on the early midnight of the 15th to the early morning of the 16th?

From that morning,I felt that the 2019 General Election was gone.

In the sense that it has been rigged!

Thing could be misused within that one week postponement

2019 Presidential Election Likely Rigged

So, based on the last-minute postponement of the 2019 Nigeria Presidential Election and the polling results distribution and the CJN’s sudden removal I am….

thinking that the 2019 Nigeria Presidential Election was rigged by 75 per cent chance and Nigerians must implement ways to stop electoral malpractice in Nigeria ahead of the next elections in Nigeria.

What's Your Opinion On This?