Alat by Wema Referral  Program: How You Can Make 1,000 Naira Online Everyday


In this blogpost, I will teach you how to make 1,000 Naira everyday online in Nigeria  through ALAt by Wema Affiliate Program.

What is Wema Alat Referral Program?

ALAT by Wema Referral Program
Wema Alat Referral Program

Wema ALAT Referral Program is a pay-per-person-referred service. You will be paid 1,000 Naira for every person you introduce Wema Alat to.

Whether you are a student, worker or businessman; you can  make #1,000 Naira per person you refer. 

What this means is  that if your refer 2 persons, you’ll earn #2,000 and if 5 person, you’ll earn 5,000 everyday.

So, I will show you how to start earning at least 1,000 Naira everyday using Wema Alat!

First, you’ll need to create an account with Alat by Wema…. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

How to Create Your Wema ALAT Account

Wema ALAT Account Sign Up Page
How to create your Wema Alat Account

Step 1:Download the AlAT by Wema App or dial *945*100# and register(?)

Step 2 :Use my referal code R1B7Q8

Step 3;Sign up online using your BVN, name, e-mail and phone number

Step 4:Upload photos of your ID card, utility bill and signature. If you can, prove yourself using an ID (ranging from Permanent Voter’s Card to Nigerian Passport to National ID Card to Student’s ID).

Step 5:Deposit any amount you can afford! It’s that interesting!Begin sending, receiving and making money online in Nigeria.

Step 6: Request your free ALAT ATM Card

Step 7: Begin digital banking

How to Refer People to Alat by Wema (Creative Ideas)

  1. Create a WhatsApp Group and paste the link on your social media platforms
  2. Educate your members about the features of Wema Alat and the affiliate program (that they can earn #1,000/referree
  3. Try to convert at least one person, everyday,to register and perform an activity such as requesting his/her free ATM card.

4.Please be informed Payments will be made at the end of every month for every successful referee who performs a transaction after uploading the 3 mandatory documents.
Until they have provided all necessary documents and have started transacting with the account, you will not be eligible for payment.

Your referees will be able to join the scheme after opening an account by providing their BVN, selfie (photograph), signature and government issued ID card (International Passport, Driver’s License, INEC Voter’s Card or National ID Card), carrying out the first debit transaction (card/app based) after funding the account by buying data, airtime or paying for a bill (cable, electricity etc.)
You will earn the amount per successful account opened multiplied by the total number of successful accounts you opened—-Alat by Wema

5. Do this everyday for as long as you can.

How to Request Alat ATM Card

1:Select one out of the 3 designs for your ATM Card.

2: Free first-time ATM Card and free Delivery to your door step by UPS courier services.

3: Use your ATM Card anywhere and at anytime on Web, POS and ATM machine.

4: Control your ATM Card from your phone, you can block it, it will not work at any terminal; hotlist it and ask for a new one (you go pay 1,250 Naira for the new one)

5: You can use your  ATM Card in another country by setting it on your phone.

6:You can request for a virtual Dollar ATM Card to automatically allow you spend your Naira in terms of Dollars when you need to pay in Dollars…..Your Naira will be converted to Dollar based on the Exchange rate.

Information On Alat by Wema Account

ALAT by Wema Login Page
Alat by Wema

Can I open Wema Alat if I don’t have BVN?

Sure! You can but you will need to put it in place as soon as possible so you can begin using your account. BVN is a policy to provide additional security in the Nigerian financial system.

What if I don’t have a Government ID?

You need any of these National ID Card,Voters Card, International Passport which is Nigerian Passport or Student’s ID Card.

If you don’t have you will be given an ALAT Lite Account which will keep the money you can receive at #30K. I use this myself! Planning to upgrade soon when I get one of the above IDs.

Is my money safe on Wema Alat?

It is safe, your money in any bank , is a financial and legal record, don’t worry. In addition you’ll set your secret code and you will also have to use one-time passwords for each transaction involving a large sum of money.

Can I withdraw anytime?

You can withdraw anytime, anywhere whether you have your ATM card with you or not (cardless withdrawal).

How can I access my Alat account?

You can acess it via the app or on the web or on the *945*100#.

Why I like Wema Alat?

It enabled me to open an account and earn from it (affiliate marketing). It is simple and easy to use and I can use the *945*100# if I don’t want to use the app always.

In fact all the reasons stated here in this Wema ALAT Review made me to consider it one of the best digital accounts in Nigeria.

Any other question: You can e-mail them

Alat Domiciliary Account

Alat by Wema domiciliary account is a provision on your Wema Alat account that allows receive and send money in a specified foreign currency.

You can apply for it on creating your account.

              Disclaimer: This blogpost on Wema Alat Referral Program has my referral code which will enable me earn 1,000 Naira at no cost to you.

Copy my referral link:

R1B7Q8 and open your Wema Alat Here or by downloading Alat by Wema on your app store.

Let me know how it goes in the comments.

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