Basic Information about the NIN Mass-mandatory Registration

Idealist: Ministry of Information and Digital Communication

Purpose: To Serve as a standard national database of Nigerians.

Year: 2020/2021

NIN Compulsory Registrationn:What You Need to Know

NIN, National Identification Number, seems to be the most preferred method of citizen registration by the Federal Government led by the Buhari administration, as not only specific classes can use it as other ID registration platforms: Driver’s License, Voters Card, National Health Insurance, Bank Verification Number, Nigerian Passport etc.

The FG has as at late 2019 required the NIN for 2020 JAMB registration, which saw packs of “JAMBITES” (students) flocking at inefficient enrollment centers of LGA Secretariats, manageable but overcrowded process at banks etc. etc. Manyfelt the panic of the earlier warning that the FG gave,saying that students who don’t register for NIN will not sit for JAMB, as the date dawned, with many told to come back due to a situation of overpopulation and ineffeciency, people feared for their aspirations of being admitted.

Now, the FG has mandated NCC (Nigerian Communication Commission) to deactivate all lines that are not registered/synced with NIN within a timeline of 2 weeks.

And then, as the 2 weeks elapse, the deadline is further extended.

Where Can I get My NIN?

  • Your LGA Secretariat
  • Other LGA Secretariat close to you
  • MTN designated offices
  • Airtel designated offices
  • 9Mohile designated offices
  • Glo designated offices.

Merits of the NIN Compulsory Registration

  1. It will provide an alternative national census data
  2. It will lead to a more secure process in voting in the next Nigerian general election, banking and other registrations.

Demerits of the NIN Compulsory Registration

  1. It is coming at a time that the economy is not stable and this has made Nigerians tired.
  2. The NIN compulsory registration doesn’t have a broad and effective process.

Policy Suggestions on NIN Registration and Data Collection.

My Countryman,

Policies must be well planned for the polity to be well served—-VisionBoy

The FG has to come to the realisation that the foundation of registering for NIN is inefficient and ineffective. Go to any enrollment centre, you will find hundreds of people, units of officials, few on-off computers, unavailability of some equipments, and a benchmark of 50 allocated for the daily enrollment…?.?..??………

What does this tell you?

NIMC (National Identity Management Commission) has a constitutional duty to enrol citizen in the National Identity Database………?

NIMC was created by an Act of Parliamemt in NASS (National Assembly), but the agency is not empowered to carry out its duties as it is supposed to.

FG, before carrying out this exercise should have mapped out all the resources needed, you can’t store what doesn’t have storage……..

I recommend the FGN the following policies to adopt so as to ensure the welfare of Nigerians in this NIN compulsory registration task

  1. Provision of Adequate Computers and Equipment to each enrollment centre nationwide.
  2. Pre-registration portal for items such as names, date of births, phone numbers, location.
  3. The pre-registration should produce a profile and a profile code to the phone number which should expire on a maximum of 7-day period
  4. Every registrant/citizen should see his registered details and the scheduled date timeline of the 7 days period. If the timeline elapses,the citizen should register again when he/she is sure of attending enrollment.
  5. At the enrollment centre, only capturing of finger prints and photograph should be done to complete the registeration upon presentation of Profile Code.
  6. NID Card should be issued instantly using a software used for ATM cards in bank.
  7. The registrant/citizens card should hold his photo, names, location and NIN on the face while it should hold the enrollment centre number and citizen care number of NIMC on its back with the following information:”Return this NID Card to the nearest Police Station if found lost or stolen, using this ID Card in by a person other than its bearer or bearer’s kinsmen is not allowed.Signed NIMC, Act of the Nigerian National Assembly (NASS) 2021.
  8. The N’ID Card should only be used for government purposes, the National Identification Number(NIN) on it should be enough for any registration be it private-sector e.g banks, insurance companies or public sector e.g Nigeria Police,Nigeria Armed Forces, Nigeria Survey Services and should he confirmed by a single thumb print only.
  9. The NIN should be retrievable via USSD code on the mobile phone used to register, while the N’ID Card should be retrievableif lost or stolen by application online or at the nearest enrollment office.
  10. Most importantly, restructure Nigeria before NIN data collection. If Nigeria is first of all restructured, state governments might be the one’s doing “NIN” not the Federal Government.

How else do you think we can have a better NIN registration process in Nigeria?

What's Your Opinion On This?