Welcome to my Nigerian politics blog!

I am VisionaryDemola,the founder of Naija Countryman; you can get to meet the Naija Countryman team here.

I do hope you will find my politics blog useful enough as a citizen and stakeholder in Nigeria.

I know most of us find entertainment, business and money-making and football more interesting in life…..smiles…

But don’t forget that one policy or bill on either of the above can make or mar it..

The future of Nigeria is being made by what we the citizens do (I mean, both the leaders and the led).

Politics is not for politicians only,it is, perhaps, more for the citizens. Almost everything that happens in the society starts from politics.

Nigerian political blog

What are you to do?

Be a citizen by learning and participating in politics: get your voters card, ask yourself questions, ask others questions,call/write your leaders, support your candidate, run for office( highest form of political participation? Maybe)

Now, to do any of the above you will need qualitative political education.

How? Read below

Naija Countryman is a Nigerian political analyst blog

About My Political Blog

I started Naija Countryman on the 1st, November (the 2nd decade of the 21st century) to educate Nigerian youths on politics in Nigeria via;

  • Election; educating Nigerians on recruiting visionary leaders in Nigeria’s democracy.
  • Bills and Policies; analyzing the Government’s programs and how they will affect Nigerian citizens.
  • Political Activism; advocating for a new Nigeria and good governance.
  • Empowerment Programs: Informing you about empowerment programs.

Naija Countryman is a Nigerian politics blog that provides you education on the latest significant elections, political activism, bills and policies for the emergence of a new Nigeria.

Naija Countryman is independent and focused on “visionary New Nigeria” political ideology which makes it dynamic yet non-partisa

When I write “countryman” I do not mean a Nigerian politician or political scientist, I mean, in fact, the everyday Nigerian citizen which is largely an all-inclusive term of all Nigerian stakeholders in the polity.

Whether you are a secondary school student, tertiary student or even a professional, my politics blog will keep you in line with what every Nigerian citizen should understand as regarding “the political equation” in Nigeria today.

You, I, and all other contributors, will write on Nigerian politics in a simplified form so that we all (Nigerian citizens and enthusiasts) can learn from our individual political thoughts.

Naija Countryman is the 1st Nigerian Youths’ Politics Blog


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Naija Countryman Founder.