2023 Presidential Election: Can Jonathan Run Again? Under APC?

2023 Presidential Election: Can Jonathan Run Again? Under APC?

Former President Jonathan: Can He Run For 2023 Presidency?
Former President Goodluck Jonathan

I heard that there has been some speculation about the possible venturing of our former President, Goodluck Jonathan, to APC (All Progressives Congress).

Is this true?

Some news sources such as Ejegist reports that it is assumed that that was why top members of APC came to felicitate with him on his birthday and to counter that, his PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) members are advising with him not to go to APC.


Is Jonathan Going to APC?
Is Jonathan Going to APC?

All Progressives Congress may likely not be the right place for Jonathan who, despite having his administration unpopular in some area, is popular for democratic tolerance far and wide.

Stella Oduah as a Peoples Democrat
Stella Oduah as a Peoples Democrat

More so, the news speculation also say that that was why his former Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah also went to APC sometimes this same year——ahead of him(?)

And that an APC official has said that Former President Jonathan will join them this year.

I would not advise Jonathan to join APC because they only need him based on the good track he has, as they know that the 2023 polls may mark their exit out of the presidential power.

Bill To Prevent Double Re-election of “All-Round” Acting-Presidents

I remember sometimes in 2017, President Buhari passed a bill that will prevent Vice-Presidents who completed the term of their deceased bosses (Presidents) to run for office more than once.

I don’t have the link if not I would have added it.

Do confirm!

This means that a Vice-President who completes the late President’s term as Acting-President is entitled to run for President only once.

Goodluck Jonathan was jointly elected with Late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua in 2007 and he (Jonathan) completed his boss’ tenure from 2010-2011 due to the latter’s demise; and he successfully clinched the office of President in the 2011 Nigerian Presidential Election ending his constitutional tenure in 2015.

This bill that has become law will therefore prevent Jonathan from seeking re-election whether he joins APC, remains with PDP or even join any other political party, if the law is still law in Nigeria and if all other things are equal.

Though I largely suspected, back then, in 2017, and even until-now, that  that bill was enacted to prevent Jonathan from contesting the 2019 Presidential Election because he stood a high chance of winning.

I don’t know what Jonathan can get from APC?

Presidential ticket?

That’s only if the bill is re-ammended.

Is the news that he will join APC, even true, another rumour or a consideration of APC, PDP and Jonathan?

Is there another thing apart from presidency that APC may be promising him?

Share this, perhaps, it may get to Former President Goodluck Jonathan.

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