I am Demola Otun, you can call me VisionaryDemola, I am starting this political blog to educate Nigerian youths on Nigeria’s politics ,and on how we can participate in our democracy using the principles of BODMAS towards building a new Nigeria that works for all Nigerians: Biafrans,Oduduwans,Arewans,NigerDeltans,Middle-Belters and Jukans—— the Nigerian stakeholders and stateholders.

My main political interests are political commentaries, policy analyses (review and suggestions) and democratic movement: and I aim to use them for the political re-engineering and nation-building of Nigeria

I want us as Nigerian youths to be active in politics. I might have been an observer, and most of us are observers……. But observation without participation doesn’t seem to help the situation.

Don’t wait for a politician to govern your today, neither wait for a journalist to tell you about your yesterday, nor wait for an activist to fight for your tomorrow, do your positive best everyday—–VisionaryDemola

Or okay, look at what VI Lenin, a Russian political philosopher, said

If you refuse to interfere with politics, politics will one day interfere with your life.

I made A1 in Government and A1 in Civic Education in my WASSCE, and to me, that served as a sign of my passion’s potential  contribution  to Nigeria’s nation-building.

I hope you know me better now, and I hope we will be able to help eachother in our political literacy as Nigerian youths.

Do bear it in mind that Naija Countryman might have some writers in the near future.

I look forward to getting to know you in my blog newsletter’s membership.

You can contact me here privately, if you need to.