Rt Hon Ahmed Mohammed: The Right Choice For Ankpa-Olamaboro Federal Constituency

Rt Hon Ahmed Mohammed: The Right Choice For Ankpa-Olamaboro Federal Constituency

A Leadership That Has The Will, Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed, The Right Choice

As the 2023 general election draws closer, direct and indirect moves by several political gladiators across Kogi State and the Nation, showing interest in an office of authority has begun.Just like bankruptcy which becomes the end result of an organisation supervised by a non expert, a constituency without a visionary leader willing to better the people falls into underdevelopment and stunted growth.At this critical point, Ankpa-Olamaboro Federal Constituency requires a potential and an entrepreneurial leader, who understands the needs of the people and a leader who has proven capacity beyond doubts, based on track record.
Unarguably, Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed, A leader with the entrepreneurial skills, filled with the ability to bring an end to the economic shortfalls, creat job opportunities for unemployed Youths and bring about infrastructural development down to our door steps(constituencies) is the answer.While every leader is different, Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed, a representative who have shown expertise in the various aspects of visionary leadership, servant leadership, democratic leadership and above all, a development and result oriented Leadership aimed at the transformation of the constituency, state and the Nation

is worthy of occupying higher position of authority.
Over the years, The Ankpa Federal constituency is faced with problems linked with total power failure, unavailability of motorable roads, therefore discouraging local and international investors and businesses, as well as dilapidated health and educational facilities, which are paramount for the growth and development of the constituency.
Analytically, Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed’s impacts on these lacking areas, while representing Ankpa I at the State House Of Assembly qualifies him and makes him unique and fit to represent Ankpa at the Federal Level.Good leaders like Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed need support in order to show more effectiveness and the Ankpa-Olamaboro Federal Constituency deserves a leadership that has a will come 2023.
Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed remains the Right choice.
Abdullahi Suleiman Omale

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