#BuhariMustGo: Why #PeoplesConstitution is Preferable [Come #June12Protest]

#June12Protest poster
#June12Protest poster

As we prepare for the #June12Protest, I just want us as fellow Nigerians to have political education on what to demand from the Nigerian Government.

We need to demand that which can change Nigeria once and for all, that which will restore security, economic development, blooming democracy and all other democratic dividends to Nigeria.

I have identified that to be a new Nigerian Constitution.

Some other demands are also important, but it is only #PeoplesConstitution that unifies all the demands together and that can be a new garment for Nigeria amidst the various political variables.

While many Nigerians, especially the revolutionaries, may not agree with my political commentary and analysis, I have to write the truth in love for all.

This advise goes out to my fellow Nigerians, Coalition for Revolution especially, and the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), who might interpret “the revolution of Nigeria” as the popular ousting of a “failed President” in a deficient democracy and in a tumultuous historical era instead of the positive transformation and rebuilding of Nigeria’s political space/system that brought about failed leadership in the first place.

I am concerned about Nigeria and Nigerians, just like all patriots, however, I believe that we have to understand what we are advocating for and proceed with caution as the ship of the Nigerian state is being sailed by various political variables: secession,restructuring, revolution, at the same time but in different directions.

While it is true that Nigeria is facing serious issues in the economic and security sectors as opposed to the Buhari campaign of 2015 that saw him being elected as President after Nigerians trial and dissatisfaction with the 16-year rule of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP); and hope for a Buhari presidency via the All Progressive Congress; I want us to know that a man with a scorpion on his body must take time to remove it with care,less it stings him or it remains there on his body, continues the irritation and eventually stings him still:such is the case as at now.

This is why we have to be careful with what we advocate for in Nigeria especially with secession calls, micro-economic and macroeconomic indices and the fate of the present and next generation.

#BuhariMustGo:Why You Should Have a Rethink?

(1) If #BuhariMustGo via the protests, somebody must come via the protests. How sure are you if this person will be better, the same, or worse?

(2) The #BuhariMustGo should have been #Cancel2019Elections before the inauguration day of May 29 2019, as such will be easier, moreso, if the advocacy is based on provable electoral malpractices by the APC (All Progressive Congress) and/or other parties.

(3) If President Buhari is suffering from dementia,as Sahara Reporters wrote, then rather than say #BuhariMustGo, we should be saying #UpholdSection144OfChapter6of the 1999 Constitution that will see Federal Executive Council and National Assembly declaring the medical records of the President,that he is “suffering from infirmity of the body or mind, and as such a replacement will be made in the person of a member of the Federal Executive Council”.This though will require the advocacy above so as to safeguard that Constitutional provision. While President Buhari will be given proper medical attention out of presidential space.

(4) I begin to observe in the nation’s polity that many of these politicians, who seem to be the problem, are products of a democratic deficit and faulty Constitution, probably, since 1960.

(5) Nigeria’s case is a delicate one, and as such, calling for a #BuhariMustGo without election, term expiration (come 29 May,2023) or natural causes, might
pitch one country’s sections against another.

Danger of #BuhariMustGo:Why #PeoplesConstitution is Preferable [Analysis]

I don’t consider that the #June12Protest should call for #BuhariMustGo because it is quite clear that President Buhari, in fact most Nigerian presidents cannot resign with this 1999 constitution.

And NASS doesn’t seem ready to impeach President Buhari, it is only the minority PDP caucus, that can champion and support that motion because they are the “opposition in NASS”, sadly they are also within this corrupted system and it is not likely that any APC member would support the impeachment proceeding because of the problem with NASS

So the one of the few things possible is a military coup, like it happened in Mali, Sudan,the Democratic Republic of Congo; after popular mobilization to remove a leader in the face of negative political variables, the stage is being set for military takeover——and the point is we don’t know what could happen if the military takes over, because we don’t know which soldiers might be in leadership.

If Nigerians mobilize on the street to remove President Buhari from political power, especially as at now, it is likely that the military will take over power after a period of time in the protests.

What’s wrong with the military taking over?

I will ask you, how sure can we be that if the military takes over power, that they will transform the country for better or best, or that they will even respect fundamental human rights?

The chance cannot be estimated, except Nigerians already know the soldier that is coming!

Will this mean that we will have to begin another struggle to return to civilian rule?

Will this mean human rights will once again be stripped from the Nigerian people?

Or, will it mean that the military will douse the tension and transfer lower to civilians through a later election?

2023 General Electitheyis not far from now, a military government taking over shouldn’t be the reason to postpone it. On this, I’ll tip my pen here.

Why Nigerians Should Protest for #PeoplesConstitution on #June12Protest

If we are protesting on June 12, it is quite okay!What is more important is what we are protesting about.

The solution I propose is #PeoplesConstitution that is capable auto-correcting Nigeria’s myriad of problems that Nigerians and Nigeria has been facing since 1914—-the Hour of Colony, 1960—the Hour of Independence and 1999—the Hour of Democracy.

I wrote a constitution already it works with the principle—- BODMAS—-inspired by popular songwriter and singer Sound Sultan’s Mathematics.

If we fix Nigeria from the foundation—–constitution,it will be easier to salvage this nation, if we attempt to fix it by ousting Presidents, we might “win the battle” but I don’t know if also “the war “.

That’s why, Nigerians should indentify what we are protesting about. I would have suggested the following in addition to the 13 point demands of the #RevolutionNow and in subtraction to #BuhariMustGo demand.

  • Direct People’s participation in the constitution review process.

The Nigerian peoples are the stakeholders not the political class, and as such Nigerians should be able to participate directly in the review by electing/ citizen representatives for this purpose only.

Nigerians cannot control the power of their Senators produced by elections deficient of democratic principles. Let the people write the national agreement.

It is a new constitution that is capable of bringing a new Nigeria. The best way to save Nigeria, Nigerians, is to allow us to write a new constitution—–VisionaryDemola

Even the #EndSARS Protests can only end all the “SARS” by giving Nigeria a new and befitting constitution.

If we feel we need to go for protest demonstrations, let us find out the why, the what and the how before stepping one foot outside.

Nigeria cannot risk the lives of Nigerians to people who have no care about others, neither can Nigerians risk Nigeria to continuous oppression by the state’s governmental mechanism.

My Countryman,protest, but more importantly know what you are protesting for or against—–VisionaryDemola

I am protesting in solidarity for a positively new constitution. I’ve submitted my draft to the Lagos Zone of the Senate Constitution Review Committee and I am still awaiting the next mission.

Nigerians should be careful and should not falsely believe that removing President Buhari via #BuhariMustGo is the solution but we should all rather rather write a new Nigeria by writing a new constitution——a new and positive constitution that can, and will, transform even Buhari’s presidency that Nigerians have lost confidence in, from a “ghost presidency” “since 2017″ to a ” good Presidency of Nigeria from 2021 to 2023″

My Nigerian people should consider this, and learn from Nigeria’s past liberation struggle before we say #BuhariMustGo instead of #PeoplesConstitution on June 12, Nigeria’s Democracy Day.

He that walks in the thorny farmlands, must tread carefully.

It is better to rebuild a swaying house from the foundation than to rebuild it from the pillars—-VisionaryDemola

We may not see eye to eye on every issue but we can at least walk arm in arm as countrymen.

What do you think we should demand: #BuhariMustGo or #PeoplesConstitution come #June12Protest? Just let me know why at the comments?

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