Fact-Check: Have the Prices of  Candidate Nomination Forms Been Increased?

Fact-Check: Have the Prices of Candidate Nomination Forms Been Increased?

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I have been noticing that many Nigerians are wondering how the youths will be able to contest elections with “the increase in candidates nomination forms”.


Was it really nomination forms the Senate deliberated on during the Electoral Ammendment Bill plenary?

Contrary to popular belief, I confirmed on The Cable and also on an opinionated analysis on Premium Times ,that the increase is for campaign spending limit in Nigeria and not the purchase of forms. This clause doesn’t affect the nomination and declaration of interests form, so we don’t have to be scared of hikes……it is an expansion of expenses limit or candidates.

NASS have increased the campaign spending limit of running for various public offices:

Presidential candidate: From 5B Naira to 15B Naira (campaign spending limit)

Senatorial candidate: From 100M Naira to 1.5B Naira (campaign spending limit)

Representative candidate: From 70M Naira to 100M Naira (campaign spending limit)

Governorship candidate: From 1B Naira to 5B Naira (campaign spending limit)

Increasing the campaign spending limit will increase the cash supply in the Nigerian economy, and meet up with the current inflated prices of essential goods and services that may be required during the campaign season.

But it will likely increase public corruption and electoral malpractices——the buying and selling of votes———except a electoral sanitization bill, that will ban political parties, party candidates, INEC officials and voters that engage in electoral malpractices from participating in that election and future elections until proven honest by an Election Petition Tribunal constituted by the Supreme Court,is considered.

This is serious… We have to stand up to the task to tell NASS what we need. We shouldn’t allow NASS to jeopardise the electoral amendment bill without passing the vital parts, that was why I created this politics blog to educate Nigerian youths, my fellow countrymen.

So the cost of nomination forms were not increased rather it was the campaign spending limits

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