Continuous Voters Registration: You Can Now Register for PVC at Anytime

INEC Continuous Voters Registration 2021
Continuous Voters registration 2021


Did you know that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has come out with a new policy that will enable Nigerians register for voters card on and off election seasons…..that is at anytime in what was termed as continuous voters registration? The registration process is under the following conditions:

  1. You just clocked 18, you can register for voter’s card (You don’t have to wait for a specific date or timeline to register as it was since 1999 that Nigeria returned to democracy)
  2. You want to report lost or damaged voters card and apply for a new voter’s card.
  3. you want to transfer to another polling booth ahead of an election.
  4. You want to correct your voter’s card information.
  5. You are facing accreditation issues.

Moreso, the continuous voters registration can be done both online and offline. I wrote a complete guide on how to register for voters card.

In honesty, the continuous voters registration implemented by Prof Mahmud Yakubu-chaired INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) is laudable.

INEC Chairman, Prof Mahmud Yakubu
INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmud Yakubu

Analyzing this INEC policy, I noted the following:

Continuous Voters Registration Benefits

CVR:Increases Voter Participation

The continuous voters registration 2021 has and will definitely encourage Nigerians to register for voters card and to vote ad they see the readiness of INEC in making anytime registration.Just on June 28, the day the INEC online registration begun this is the data below as reported by INEC on their official Facebook page.

Portal Updates after 48 hours of going live
Portal Updates after 48 hours of going live

So that shows that many Nigerians like you and I took activities related to getting their PVCs (Parmanent Voters Card) on the portal.

CVR: E-Governance in Nigeria

This initiative will enhance e-governance in Nigeria. Many countries such as USA, UK and even African countries such as make use of electronic resources in citizen engagement; INEC’s continuous voters registration policy has enabled the vision of electronic voting and diaspora voting hopeful in Nigeria—–we just need to make moves for it at the Nigerian National Assembly.

INEC Continuous Voter’s Registration Updates

INEC Online Registration portal

I have registered and 1 thing I noticed was that the portal was easy to use, one step completed leads to another. This is the INEC online registration portal

However, the passport photographs (smiling and neutral), someone also told me, was difficult to capture. I tried many times before it was accepted—–I nearly gave up—– deciding to continue later.

I would suggest that the INEC look into that and check if many Nigerians are able to get the passport photographs accepted by the system, if many can’t, then it will be better to have the passport photographs capture alongside the fingerprints capture at the registration centres.

INEC Voters Enrollment Device

INEC also unveiled the INEC Voters Enrollment Device (IVED), tablet-based device (designed by Nigerian Engineers) to be used for voters registration and voter accreditation which will replace the Direct Data Capture Machine (DDCM), a laptop-based device that was used in the previous elections, the latest being the 2019 General Election and some other elections such as the Edo State Election 2020.

This is good but INEC and the National Assembly must not stop at that for free, fair and credible polls. Or what do you think?I think they should implement these ways to prevent electoral malpractices in Nigeria.

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