Electronic Transmission Clause: INEC Upholds Right, Counters NASS’ Ammendment

Electronic Transmission Clause: INEC Upholds Right, Counters NASS’ Ammendment

DailyTrust, a popular Nigerian newspaper, reports that INEC’s Chairman of Electoral Operations and Logistics Committee, Prof Okechukwu Ibeanu speaking with newsmen, in the 3rd quarterly meeting of INEC on 7th September 2021 stated

“This is absolutely unconstitutional. You cannot ask INEC to seek approval of another agency of government to transmit results electronically when actually INEC has the power to impose duties on NCC to achieve electronic transmission of results”

” I completely agree that in the context of underscoring the independence of the commission, section 160 of the Constitution has done everything it needs to do. What is left is for INEC to use the power it has under the Constitution to achieve its aim” The Committee Chairman stated.

Remember, the passed Electoral Act Amendment Bill‘s clause 52 (3) stated that (not word for word though):

INEC shall transmit polling results electronically provided the Nigerian Communications Commission finds it doable and the National Assembly approves it.

I am vindicated as this confirms my 5 questions to the Senate on the electronic transmission of votes.

The Guardian, another popular newspaper in Nigeria also reported the INEC’s Committee Chairman stance on electronic transmission of votes.

This will help transform Nigeria general elections by making INEC free from incumbency control and influence, another way to prevent electoral malpractice in Nigeria.

What is left for Nigerian youths to do is to ensure NASS approval over INEC’s responsibility of electronic transmission of votes is also removed and denounced, and that we build a credible and visionary coalition to save and rebuild Nigeria positively ahead of the 2023 Nigeria General Elections.

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