Did He Forewarn of Lekki Massacre?

Did He Forewarn of Lekki Massacre?

How many of us remember that during the mid days of the EndSARS Protests, a soldier masked up and warned his colleagues not to kill Nigerian protesters?

Thereafter reports from the Nigerian Army had it that he has been uncovered and apprehended citing that he hid “under mask to commit cybercrimes”. The same Nigeria Army that first called the trending video on social media false.

Do you remember this guy? Lance-Corporal Harrison Friday? view his photo.

Pro-EndSARS Soldier
Pro-EndSARS Soldier

And as Premium Times reports, it was 2 days after he made that video that what happened at Lekki happened……

This is the video he made below, only speaking facts!

That he did it under a mask, to me, meant not an order to the Army but an appeal, so how did he abuse his office? That he wore his uniform, to me, meant he wanted to identify with the soldiers…

I don’t know……

Soldiers are human beings,

Military conducts shouldn’t be made to reduce/limit their humanity.


Post-EndSARS Movement

I don’t want Nigerian youths to forget him…. He risked his life and career as a soldier to make the video he made warning his colleagues of military repression and stating that “if peace is okay in this country, soldiers are well paid, civilians are well paid; nobody would want to fly out of this country”.

Has the Nigerian Army made him free? Is he safe at all? Or we may need to being a campaign of #FreeNigeriaArmy1 because he was one and at the Nigeria Army when he was arrested (?)

If you have any updates or information about him, comment below.

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