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.Since 1992,following its establishment by Military President Ibrahim Babangida; national dailies frequently reported the police brutality young Nigerians had been facing through the oppressive policing tactics of the Nigeria Police, and, most especially, through its anti-robbery division called SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad).Wetin cause am self?SARS has become notorious and oppressive towards young Nigerians who appear to be either ragged-looking or well-doing, no one is exempted.If you own an I-Phone, a laptop, or a brand new car, in Nigeria, under SARS, you become a criminal-suspect.Women have been raped, youths have been assaulted and illegally arrested and detained at places.
This is a democracy. We cannot be oppressed and remain oppressed under a 20-year-plus democracy!The clarion call for # EndSARS started in 2017 with a Twitter campaign started by Segun Awosanya (Segalink).In 2021, a became a national show-down as thousands of young Nigerians occupied the rallying points that have a stake in Nigeria’s governance over this same issue- #EndSARS.

EndSARS Protest In Nigeria: Top 5 Leaders!

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(1(1) Segun Awosanya: Being the first to start the #EndSARS campaign on Twitter in 2017; Segalink re-ignited the #EndSARS campaign in 2021.(2) Rinu Oduala: She was one of the major protest leaders at Lekki Tollgate, Lagos State. She facilitated the campaign well enough as LASU SU VP
(Lagos State University Students’ Union Vice-President).(3) Aisha Yesufu: Being a northern woman stood as a Queen Amina in teeming up young Nigerians not to back down on their demands for immediate police reforms, though this didnt go down well with conservative northerners who saw her as “Mama go back to the kitchen, you are only a Muslim woman!”(4)Omoyele Sowore:Having started his #RevolutionNow campaign before #EndSARS, he followed up on Abuja protest grounds such as the Nigeria Police HQ.(5)Our Celebrities: Several popular entertainers in the persons of Falz and Runtown in Lagos , Phno and Flavour in Anambra, David in USA,Wizkid in London; also helped in unifying Nigerians in diaspora on the designated protest grounds.
I believe EndSARS was the unification of young Nigerians across tribes and religions standing on a common ground for the first time in a long while and coming up with creative ideas such as street-based charging stations, canned-water, Sorosoke Radio, EndSARS “911” is a witness to the capacity of youths in salvaging their democracy.SARS is simply replicating the job of EFFC in investigating “economic crimes” of owning worthy personal belongings, SARS has become unnaceptable in a Nigeria claiming to be truly democratic simply because it is un-democratic in its policing operations.

#EndSARS Protest In Nigeria: 2 Best To Remember The Martyrs

EndSARS Protest In Nigeria 1I realised that no matter the candles we burn or the black gowns we wear, we may not etablish on what the EndSARS Protests was meant to achieve nor what it symbolized——-the building of a new Nigeria and Nigerian Youths as the engineers of it.The best way we can ensure that what our countrymen have gone through all across Nigeria not just in October 2020 but eversince October 1960, would not be in vain is by doing the following to “end all the SARS in Nigeria”(1) Partaking in the PVC Registration to vote the right candidates.(2) Building a formidable and credible yet single political platform out of the many platforms springing up but without strong roots.If not, Nigeria’s present state may only continue and all the “sorry sir” we say when bullied may not end the “SARS”.