Extent of Damages in Digital Age

We learnt from history that “a good name is better than riches,” but the reverse is the case in contemporary generation, where so much priority is specifically given to people who are financially buoyant, irrespective of the source of their wealth.

Do you wonder why criminality has been upgraded, to the point that people confidently defend and justify cyber theft; yahoo yahoo and the likes?! Meanwhile, any form of criminal act is wrong no matter how one try to polish it with different names.

We also learnt, from the narration of our forefathers how peaceful, united and loving they were, right from family bond to the larger society. Such healthy union was made possible because of their selflessness and strict adherence to laws of the land. But today, our access to various informations which are not beneficial, wrong application of technology, exposure to sophisticated tools, and acquisition of certain knowledge which are detrimental to our moral uprightness, has grossly affect our peaceful coexistence. What do you expect where majority of people exhibit greediness and yet called it smartness, where manipulation is the order of the day?!

We claimed to be civilize and wise, with technology at our fingertips, yet morality is seriously on decline. Whenever a pupil or student misbehave in the school and the teacher decide to melt appropriate punishment, you’d see some parents frowning at it, and even rebellious against the teacher.

From individual home’s, some parents has lost it in parenting due to overpampering of their offsprings. So how do you expect such children who lack discipline to behave responsibly in the larger society?! Recently, we heard the ugly news of how 12 years old Sylvester was murdered by few of his classmates in boarding school, who were alleged to involve in cultism. Such teenagers are typical example of moral decadence, who might have been victims of poor parenting.

A lot of damages has been done with the wrong application of technology and improper understanding of civilization. Notwithstanding, we must consistently put in efforts right from the smallest unit of the society to the larger society, to minimize such negative scenarios, at least for the sake of generation yet unborn.

It’s more appropriate to call spade a spade irrespective of whose ox is gored. Because a rotten fruit can spoil many good fruits in the same basket, sooner or later.

Article by VisionaryDemola
I am a citizen, a politics blogger and policy analyst with the vision of rebuilding Nigeria for all Nigerians.

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