Is Good Leadership Possible In Nigeria?: Message To The Despairing Populace

Is Good Leadership Possible In Nigeria?: Message To The Despairing Populace

Governor Babagana Zulum
Governor Babagana Zulum

Many Nigerians might wonder why the present Governor of Borno state Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum has been performing remarkably, some people were even speculating if he’s actually a politician but I just want to use this medium to clear the doubts of my fellow country people; hope isn’t lost entirely despite the decaying level of our political system. A system which ordinarily doesn’t come to but with perpetual insanity and gross maladministration by the politicians occupying the sit of authority across the federation has made it really deteriorating, which has caused us great setback as a nation.

The thing you should know about politics and leadership is that they’re two different essentials which coexist in any sane (democratic) society. So, let’s take a look at what the both terms means; Politics is said to be a methodology or procedures associated with running a government, an organization, or a movement. And leadership is simply the CAPACITY of someone to lead. The question is that do you have the capacity? It requires greater sense of responsibility and genuineness on all ramifications to be regard as a political leader, since politics is a fundamental avenue to better the lives of the citizens irrespective of status, age, gender, religion, tribe or ethnicity. Just like the former President of Kenya Mwai Kibaki rightly asserted;

“leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It’s not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed.”

But apparently the reverse is the case in contemporary society, and it’s pitiable that the majority of our country people are used to bad governance, becoming hopeless each day, seems such has already becomes a norm to an extent that if one patriotic (leader) sideline himself from crooked and bad policy everyone would see it as rocket science, perhaps a wonder. Not easy though, but there is always an opportunity to liberate ourselves from the existing status quo, even if the chance seems to be very slim.

Well, if you’re still wondering why a “politician” profoundly called Prof. Zulum is doing the needful today, then I’ll tell you he’s richly blessed with leadership skills which his colleagues are lacking, he chose sincerity where his colleagues chose insincerity, he prioritize humanity where his colleagues are full of greed. And to crown it all, he’s knew exactly what it means to lead a society where his colleagues are reckless and ultimately cares about their pocket. This man is setting the record straight, so we ought to emulate his precedence in our capacity.

Let’s endeavor to propagate good governance for our good, and that of the future yet unborn. Are you still wondering? Grace yourself; politics is not as bad as evil people with egoistic mindset has made it seems, since time immemorial. If you’re determined and sincere enough to serve people rightly, GOD guidance will be upon you successfully! And nothing can stop you.

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