How to Fix Nigeria’s Elections: #CorrectETC

How to Fix Nigeria’s Elections: #CorrectETC

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My Nigerian Youths,

We need to be serious about the electoral transmission clause in order to save our democracy and to fix Nigeria’s elections.

National Assembly
The #CorrectETC Nigeria Bus-stop

Our democracy is being jeopardized by some of the bills being passed by the National Assembly these days, notable among these bills is the Electoral Act Ammendment Bill that was passed in what I would call a “cunning provision”.

INEC shall conduct electronic voting provided it is okayed by the National Communication Commission, and approved by the National Assembly.

The 2021 Ammended Electoral Transmission Clause 52 (3)

When I went for my voters card registration, I spoke with the INEC official who attended to me, and in the midst of our discussion is one important thing she said “…… and we told them that we can do it”——-the electronic transmission of results (as it was done during the #EdoNoBeLagos,  Edo State Gubernatorial Election).

Recently, an INEC committee chairman has spoken that the electronic transmission clause that gives the power to decide on the electronic transmission of polling results to NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) is unconstitutional.

How Serious Are We About Nigeria Elections?

With this present ammendment, the National Assembly reserves the say on whether INEC can conduct electronic transmission of votes in an election.

And because of this, I don’t know whether our elections will be free and fair, you and I are aware of the partisan politics being “played” in Nigeria presently.

Anambra State Governorship Election is near and some other top 3 upcoming elections in Nigeria; how do we intend to come into power to rebuild our country, when those in power have been given the responsibility to decide on INEC’s ability and responsibility?!

That’s why, I believe that we have to stand to ensure that we will have e-voting, e-transmission of results and diaspora voting as I outlined in my blogpost on ending electoral malpractice in Nigeria.

We need to organize a On Electoral Transmission Clause, we may begin by submitting our petition to our Senators at the Nigerian Senate, Abuja asking them to re-ammend the electronic transmission of votes clause

The Electronic Transmission of Votes clause in the presently ammended Act may not guarantee the freeness and fairness of the upcoming elections in Nigeria.

The way the bill is supposed to read, for a politically equivalent Nigeria, is:

INEC shall conduct electronic transmission of results as determined by its incumbent and elected chairman

VisionaryDemola’s Visionary Bills&Policies

The above would have made a beautiful bill that guarantees a democracy, and that doesn’t sabotage the integrity and ability of INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission).

These are questions on the electoral transmission of votes that we are supposed to ask.

We cannot allow our Senators to enslave the masses by virtue of their ambitions.

All it takes for bad people to win is for good people to do nothing.

Rev.Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

This is the next step for the EndSARS Movement for a better Nigeria and I wish we can take it seriously.

EndSARS Protest display
When we found our voice

As to why we need advocating for the correction of the electronic transmission clause, the core of the electoral ammendment bill:

All it takes for bad people to win is for good people to do nothing.

Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

How can we go about it?

We need to submit petitions to the legislative houses at the state and national level and to call our lawmakers to back us up as their constituents for a better democracy.

We have to fix Nigeria’s future elections to prevent them from becoming selections; giving back political power to the people—the true essence of a democracy.

Article by VisionaryDemola
I am a politics blogger, a policy analyst and a political commentator.
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