How To Run For Nigeria General Election 2023
How to Run for Nigeria General Election 2023

How To Run For Nigeria General Election 2023

Sequel to the EndSARS protest, many Nigerians believe that  there is the need for higher youth participation in governance of  our country so that Nigeria will be better.

I think that while this is true, there is the need for Nigerian youths to prepare well for the elections as well as for Nigeria’s youthful democracy so as to be able to serve well in public office.

By being a  reader of my blog, I will be teaching and learning this along with you.

If you are wondering how to run for Nigeria general election 2023 or the best way to run for Nigerian 2023 general election,or which position should I run for in Nigeria general 2023 election, you are about to read the complete guide .
Just take your seat, calm yourself and read your guide on how to run for Nigeria 2023 election.

How to Run for Nigeria General Election 2023: Which Position Should I Run For?

Run for the position that you can handle for at least 4 years (a term is 4 years) keeping in mind Nigeria’s past, present and future situation (for betterment) in Nigeria general election 2023.

How to Run for Presidency/Vice-Presidency in Nigeria General Election 2023

Running for Nigeria Presidency will require you to have/work for a national manifesto, it will require you to be a Nigerian patriot, it will require you to be transparent, to be a leader among leaders.

It will require you to have/work for a diverse and broad support base from the NorthWest to the NorthEast to the North Central to the SouthWest to the SouthEast and to the South South, moreso to African Union, so that you can win and stand in position as President, more so, that Nigeria can stand too for Africa.

If you are running for President but you think a particular person share your manifesto and is more capable or equally capable you can consider to run as Vice-President provided you belong to the same political Sorry, who’s this? or want to form a merger.

Hope it is not shameful?

No, if it is in national interest, I don’t consider I shameful, I consider it humble and a good character of a good leader.

Remember King Saul’s son, Jonathan who told David, “I will be your second-in-command” when he revealed to David that he knew GOD will make him King. To which David asked “what about you?”

National Assembly:How to Run for Senator/Representative in Nigeria General Election 2023

Find out the laws that Nigeria needs to be a better country seek support in your zone/constituency. While you need to have a national law-making manifesto you need the support of your people only.

Be a voice of your zone/constituency as regards federal issues and guard their national interests in the federation.

Don’t dream to run away form your people but dream to run for your people.



Since it is a federation, let all federal positions be “Nigeria” but from a component state.

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How to Run for Governorship/Deputy Governorship in Nigeria General election 2023

You will need to mobilize people statewide and if the state has multi-ethnic composition you will need to let the different ethnic groups know how and why they can entrust their mandate to you.

You should have the above characterteriatics of the President too and you should learn to relate with the people and listen to them.

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How to Run for State Senate in Nigeria General Election 2023

You will have a smaller constituency such as few towns/village bounded or separated by few rivers/streams and/or farmland or bushes except your place is already developed.

You will need to reach out to them and let them know how will advance the state guarding their interests, laws you will make and support in the state House of Assembly. Keep in touch with them.

You can read more on how to run for state senator in Nigeria.

How to Run forLGA Chairmanship/Vice-Chairmanship in Nigeria Election 2023

You will be the executive leader at the grass roots. You need to let your people know you! I hardly know any Nigerian LGA Chairman, neither do I hear about them especially their projects in the news.

In the new Nigeria I envision, I pray this will not be the case in JESUS NAME. AMEN.

How to Run for Ward Councillorship in Nigeria Election 2023

You will be like a legislator. You constituents leave a few streets away from your house. Start from gatherings online or inline. Do you know them?Do you have a good relationship with Mama Ruka, Mama Emeka or Mama Bisola? can you convince them to vote for you ?LOL…

Learn more on how to run for LGA Chairman/Ward Councillor in Nigeria.

How to Run for Nigeria General Election 2023:Understanding the Dynamics and Statistics

Understanding is important!

This is type of Nigerian election, coming 2023, is once in every eight years. It is an election that will bring in new leaders but might be from new or same parties.

Well, this is the constitutional second and last term of the President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo of the All Progressive Congress (APC), so, come these elections, they will be vacating the executive power constitutionally.

The National Assembly consisting if the Nigeria Senate and the Nigeria House of Representatives might see Senators and Representatives leaving.

But in the Senate it is not sure as some Senators have ran for more that two terms because the Nigerian Constitution allows senators to run for as long as they are voted for and returned, some lawmakers such as Senator Ike Ekweremadu (Enugu Central ), after a senatorial career of about 20 years, might not run for the Nigeria Senate in 2023 (he said so once).

State Elections will see about 27 out of 36 states having election the same year 2023 as some will have elections in 2020 and 2022.

Out of these 27 States only few will be having a new governor for certain as the 2 terms of the incumbents elapses (calculated).

I hope you are not confused about the statistics? Its just to get some facts and estimates on how to run for Nigeria general election 2023

The State Houses of Assembly will also see new members, new parties? It depends on some factors.

The LGA elections, which are handled by the State Independent Electoral Commissions, will also see new Chairmen as some have had their in incumbents since 2015 making it complete 8 years by 2023.

What will happen next? With about 90+ political parties in Nigeria, many will expectedly field their candidates/flagbearers and these candidates will (presumably) be individuals capable of nationwide acceptance either due to charisma, antecedents, intellect or agreements.

So, what are the statistics ahead ffor yo to know how to run for Nigerian general election 2023?

In brief:

  • 90+ Political Parties
  • 2 Major parties e.g PDP and APC
  • 90 per cent minority parties
  • 75 per cent+ new parties
  • South East claim for Presidential rotation turn
  • 200 Million Nigerians
  • 90 Million Nigerian youths
  • 2 Years Ahead for Preparation
  • 4 Years of Governance
  • 109 Senators +360 Representatives
  • 27 State Governors
  • 27 State Houses of Assembly
  • A large number of LGA Chairmanship positions
  • A larger number of Ward Councillorship positions.

That’s not to say you cannot run! Never be discouraged, knowing your statistics will enable you to make better estimates on how you should run for Nigeria general election 2023

How to Run for Nigeria General Election 2023: Which Political Party Should I join?

Before you join any political party, know their ideology,manifesto, constitution and composition—–VisionBoy


Well let me tell you, look for a visionary party, no matter how new, if it has a transparent vision and meet some other factors you can win an election in 2023 on their platform.

There are many political parties as there are many aspirants for the same position you intend to run for?

How do I find the right party for Nigeria general elections 2023?

1) Party’s vision: What is the party’s vision and ideology.

2)Party Constitution: Is it good enough? Does the party keeps its power in a circle or with all members?

3) Party Composition: Who are the members and leaders of the party?

How to Run for Nigeria General Election 2023: How Do I Raise Funds?

I don’t yet know how much the forms will cost. The Nigeria general election 2019 cost 45 Million for the Presidential Form (Declaration of interest +/-), I read somewhere.

To raise funds you need to be strategic, get a campaign map. Contact me using the WhatsApp button to get your campaign map for Nigeria general election 2023.

  1. Crowd funding: Someone once told me, if all the youths in Nigeria can contribute just #1,000,we can sponsor our choice presidential candidate. If you are popular with your people you can try this, or preferably educate them about your manifesto if it is for them they will support you and keep the donation request affordable relative to the people, those who want to donate higher will.
  2. Savings: You can start saving ahead for the Nigeria general election 2023
  3. Party Sponsorship: Some parties can give you free or discounted nomination forms.

How To Run for Nigeria General Election 2023: How Can I Win?

  • Produce a quality and achievable manifesto for your people.
  • Campaign strategically
  • Don’t speak as a candidate only, speak as a teacher.
  • Gather data on how many are supporting your aspiration before election.
  • Work with the best interest of your people in heart.
  • Advocate for electoral reforms and constitutional reforms now.
  • Build your support more with your people than with politicians.

How to Run for Nigeria General Election 2023: When is the Elections Day in Nigeria General Election 2023?

According to popular online news media, Premium Times, INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission, the institution in charge of Nigeria’s elections) has declared the 18th of February as election day.

Be current and stay update with the news. In addition you can subscribe to my blog not to miss out of the latest news.

See you at your inauguration after Nigeria general election 2023!

How to Run for Nigeria General Election 2023: Who are the Stakeholders?

  1. The People
  2. You
  3. INEC
  4. The Rule of Law
  5. Electoral Laws

How to Run for Nigeria General Election 2023: What are the Tasks Ahead for Free and Fair Elections?

To be honest, the Nigeria general elections 2023 is coming at a historical point, we are expecting the #EndSARS to translate into electing visionary leadership for transforming Nigeria. We will need all and more than  the following:

  • Electronic voting
  • Diaspora voting
  • INEC internal reforms
  • New Constitution for a New Nigeria
I wrote about a more exhaustive list on how to prevent electoral malpractices in Nigeria

You can see, we have to be active in asking for these reforms, if possible let us get some or all of these reforms implemented so that Nigeria general election 2O23 will not be susceptible to: electoral malpractice, disregard of the tenets of the rule of law or democractic jeopardy come 2023 and beyond!

Nigeria general election 2023 is coming?

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