Let me show you how to start a digital shop on your blog that you can use to sell your digital and physical products especially if you are in Africa, USA or Europe.

It is a relatively new but easy and efficient platform called Selar but I want to how you can connect it with your blog

I will show you:

  • How to create a digital shop account (Selar account)
  • How to integrate your digital shop (Selar )to your blog shop page
  • How to market your digital products using your digital shop with Selar.
  • Why you should use Selar to build a digital products’ shop for your blog.
  • My recommendations for Selar

I was once looking for how I could use to start my digital shop on my blog to sell my yet-to-be-written e-books and other digital products so that once I am ready, I will be able to market them to my subscribers on autopilot and will not need to make much research again.

I searched and searched and found several plugins and multi-tool payment gateways such as Paystack, VoguePay, etc.

But somehow each of them required one thing or the other such as National Identity Number which I don’t yet have. (Don’t worry, see why I haven’t got my NIN)

How to Create a Digital Shop on Your Blog

Brief Information about the Digital Shop I Recommend

Brand: Selar

Year of Establishment: 2016

Purpose: Hosting and Marketing your digital products.

Clientele: Bloggers|Content creators|Marketers

Selar is a Nigerian digital shop that allows individuals who are content creators such as bloggers to have an account which they can use to vend their digital products on automatically in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

How to start a digital shop on your blog


About how I Found this Digital Shop called Selar

A blogger I know from Burkina Faso, Sebastian of Sow Your Seed Today, sent me a message that if I want to host my e-books “here’s a platform”……….. probably because I once told him something that has to do with e-books but he actually didn’t know that I’ve been looking for how to start a digital shop on my blog so that I can market my products easily.

Many bloggers and content creators in Nigeria, Africa and around the world, like you and I, constantly publish kindle books, e-books, create e-courses and market them on their blogs, e-mail marketing service but not on auto-pilot—— an efficient manner.

For example, by bank transfer and e-mail vending of the product download link.

This is okay.

But what about if some of customers are from USA or NewZealand where at daytime here, it is at nightime there and at nighttime there is at daytime here.

How will the sale be made fast and efficient?

That’s why I will recommend you to learn how to create a digital shop for your blog,digital platforms are better because they run on auto-pilot;Selar has many tools, and that is why Selar’s features make it a best. Personally speaking though………I hope it works for you

Disclaimer: Selar is a standalone digital products shop and will not create the shop on your blog/website per se which I’ve considered to be of advantage. But you can connect your Selar account to your blog/website in a very fine way.

I will tell you how and why below

How to Create A Digital Shop Account on Selar [Simply and Easily]

  1. First and foremost, create your Selar account registering your preferred e-mail address, name,password and photograph, it can be yours or you blog logo. I do hope you have your blog/website already.
  2. Choose your store default/main currency. Dollar, Pounds, Naira, Cedis etc. Don’t worry, foreign customers will be able to buy your products in their own currency with an automatic conversion.
  3. Set your good bank account details.
  4. Set whether you want to receive e-mails for various activities and how.
  5. Upload your digital products be it e-book,e-course, music, write a good description, upload its photograph/outlook and set it price and discount (if any).

How to Integrate Your Digital Shop on Your Blog

Method 1: Menu Featuring/Landing Page Method

  1. Create a “shop page” in your CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress or whichever you use, you can call it “.
  2. Obtain your shop link and paste in your blog’s Menu settings, set it as custom link and name it to “My Shop”, ” My Store”, “Products Stand” etc, you can be creative but use a name that people will understand even without seeing where leads to.
  3. You have successfully started a di though it is an external link (kinda like a landing page)

Method 2: Button Widget

  1. You can, alternatively, obtain/copy the java script code from your Selar account by clicking on “Integration” in your “menu”
  2. Paste it in your header and footer and save, the next thing a button widget will appear at the right hand bottom corner on your blog, like a cart!

Method 3: In-post Featuring

This probably good if you place it on your blog posts or pages relevant to your product type. For example an e-book on “Digital Marketing for Bloggers” featured on blogpost titled ” Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Bloggers in Nigeria [Complete Guide]”

  1. Obtain the product HTML and embed it in your post/page.
  2. Publish/update your post/page.

Which Method Should I use?

Have much JavaScript on your blog: I would say use “Method 1 (Menu Featuring/Landing page)” if you already have many JavaScript’s on your website, it will be better as a menu external link than Method 2 so as to keep you blog fast and intact with core web vitals.

Have a Need for blog visitors automatic view: Depending on your our blog theme, audience and blogposts are not interest in your digital products , use “Method 2 (Button widget)”, if you want them to see your blog shop without having to open the menu in Method 1 integration.

Additional easy to see: You can use “Method 3 (In-post Featuring)” so that visitors coming to your converting/traffic a generating blog post,/page can see your digital products on the same blog post/page.

How to Market Your Digital Products on Your Digital Shop using Selar

  1. Obtain the product link after pressing “create” and share it on your relevant blog posts, forums (fora),social handles tagging Selar so they can also help you share it, and await to receive your e-mail purchase success alert once anybody buys it.
  2. Create discount coupons so as to encourage your customers to buy and to buy more.
  3. You can collect the e-mails of anyone be it your friend or a professional affiliate marketer and set them as affiliate marketers in your settings, in this way, they will each get a unique referral link to your product which if they market for you, will earn you more customers to your store and an agreed commission for them under a transparent system (you will both get to see commission earned, customers referred analysis) running on autopilot!
  4. Additionally, you can also advertise your shop link (if you have more than one digital product), product link or the blog post or page that has it, if you also used Method 3 (In-page hosting),on other blogs, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, forums etc

Why I use Selar as my Blog’s Digital Shop [Advantages]

Personally, I use selar as a Nigerian political blogger because of the following reasons:

  1. Storage facility: It effectively stores one’s digital products thereby enabling the space it would have used up on one’s blog/website (disk space/hosting ) to be used for another thing. It function like a landing page
  2. Autopilot Transactions: It is automated, so even if you sleep and customers are purchasing from your shop, your dashboard will be credited, you will receive e-mail alerts and on your demand bank alerts.
  3. Affordable service fee: Selar takes only 50 Naira and 4 per cent on each successful purchase made by your customers.
  4. Multiple Currencies: Customers abroad can also buy my products because it has Dollars, Pounds, Cedis and others for their use easily and efficiently.
  5. Refferal Commission: I will earn 1 per centof what my referrals make for a period of first two months. If I have 1 referrals making a total sale of 100 thousand Naira I will get 10 thousand Naira——kinda like a passive income source for two months only!
How to start a digital shop on your blog

My blog’s digital shop refferal link

Any “Dislike” for Selar as my Blog’s Digital Shop [Recommendations]?

When I say “dislike” I mean the ways it can better (recommendations).
The only recommendation or thing I’ll would’ve considered a plus is the ability of individuals to use Selar to search for products they want, kind of like a product search engine….

The marketing aspect is much of left to you except for the “tagging them and they’ll help you share it“.

Also, if the referral commission can be increased to 5-10 per cent so at can make substantial income from it and be more encouraged to promote my referral link for the period of 2 months is still manageable because Selar will also need to make its profits matching the features and values provided.

Isn’t it?

Nevertheless, Nigerian bloggers and content creators can host their digital products such as e-books, courses, tickets, music on Selar using the platform as their blogs’ digital shop.

How will you start your blog shop ? Already have one, how did you create yours?

Article by VisionaryDemola
I am a politics blogger, a policy analyst and a political commentator.
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