How To Travel Abroad From Nigeria Without Regrets

I wrote this blogpost on how to travel abroad from Nigeria to provide you with basic education on the process and the

Should I Travel abroad From Nigeria/Africa?

Wow! Well, I would say, you can travel abroad for some reasons and maybe you shouldn’t for other reasons.
Travelling abroad is like waking up in a new land…….Whether the “new” go pay you? Let us find out!

Why Should I Travel Abroad From Nigeria/Africa?

Personally, these are the reasons why I would advise you to travel abroad for:

  1. Education: if you won a scholarship for Bachelor’s Degree or Masters Degree or even Doctorate Degree; or you have the funding, you can go study abroad.
  2. Business: Is it time to expand your Small/Medium scale Enterprise (SME), your fishfarming,fashion design, GSM Engineering, Carpentry,Mechanics, Consultancy Services..Oya!
  3. Celebration: What are you celebrating, wedding,birthday, graduation, if you have the money and time……OK…….but why not celebrate

Best Countries to Travel to From Nigeria/Africa?

Well, I would advise you to know what you want to do first…..You need to make good research about finding the best place for your purpose…….Don’t just enter a country you don’t know what it’s like…..


  1. United States of America: America is good for good business and education, tourism check! If you can speak English….it is a place you can go
  2. United Kingdom: It consists of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland (Dublin) gained independence from the former Ireland and is no longer part of the UK since 1929(?).It is a busy place in Europe, especially London, if you know Lagos, you feel know London!

Make Research before You Travel Abroad from Nigeria

  1. Human rights situation: Are the human rights of citizens of the country respected? What about that of foreigners/immigrants?
  2. Economy: Is the economy growing? Is it okay for your standard of living?
  3. Climate and food: Can you withstand the winter or summer of the country you are travelling to. For winter, put your hand in the freezer for some seconds, for the heat, remember dry season…..
  4. People: Do you know anyone there? Do you think you can find anyone there?

3 Documents You Need To Travel Abroad From Nigeria/Africa?

There are few documents you need to process if you are travelling by air? Don’t be confused it is not hard

  1. Nigerian/Your Country’s Passport: Passport sometimes called international passport is a booklet that displays your bio data( name,passport photograph,date of birth, citizenship,etc) and visa spaces (how many times you can use I to travel). You need this document to prove yourself as a citizen and to be given passage at any major international airport. Nigerian Passport is green, USA’s is blue etc. Registering a passport is about 35,000 Naira, I guess.
  2. The Visa of the Host Country: Visa is a stamp on your passport from the embassy of the country you are travelling to. Every country that your country has a relationship with especially friendly political relationship, has an embassy(an office) and an embassage(officials) stationed in your country…..You might not see them….they usually base in the capital of your country although they might have other branch offices(consulates) in some other cities of your country. For Example Nigerian Embassy in Hungary and Hungarian Embassy in Nigeria. American Embassy in Nigeria,Abuja and the other way round . You have to visit the embassy of the country you are travelling to to obtain visa. The Visa Application form follows some terms and conditions such as occupation, residence, purpose of visit. And the visa has expiring date. On returning to your country after your travel, you don’t need to pay for visa again…because you are returning to your country.
  3. Your Plane Ticket: When you travel to the market using a bus, you pay bus fare. Your plane ticket should be purchases from the air service that you will board. We have British Airways, DubaiEmirates,Turkish Airlines etc.On the plane your ticket fee would also allow you to be served a meal, and perhaps some gifts from the Airline Company……….Pilot will fly the plane, why you rest on your seat reading newspapers, watching TV or relaxing……They try to make it convenient because depending on the distance between both countries, the distance is long………

Passport: Issued by your country’s immigration office

Visa: Issued by the Country’s Embassy you are travelling to

Ticket: Issued by the Airline that will provide a seat for you on their plane——-VisionBoy

These are the parties to your travelling abroad!

7 Tips for Nigerians/Africans Travelling Abroad from Nigeria

  1. Value to offer: Have a skill be it GSM Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Catering or Digital Marketing as these skills can make you money. Don’t bank on white collar jobs but try if you fell get a good one!
  2. Wise Spending:Don’t waste money abroad, start your own business be it online or physical at home or abroad just make sure its legit. You can discover your business from passion, purpose and profitability—- “3P Business Identification formula”
  3. Familiarity: Meet your honest countryman to out you through and help you with your first few days of living in a city you’ve never lived in.
  4. Legitimate dealings:Avoid illegitimate businesses and partnerships no matter the pay.
  5. Friendliness and easiness: Be friendly and easy with citizens and learn from them too as they learn from you—- you can never tell, doors of good opportunity may open.
  6. Time factor: For how many years are you gonna live there? Or do you want to permanently reside there?
  7. Connect: Do not forget home. Your family needs you, your country also needs you. You can tea h out to your family and friend on any of the 3 popular social media in Nigeria. Live abroad, grow abroad but don’t forget to “grow” home.

If you are ready to travel abroad, you can contact me to do some research with you.

Those are the basics on how to travel abroad from Nigeria

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