Kogi Deputy Speaker’s Politicking Style, A Sterling Leadership

Kogi Deputy Speaker’s Politicking Style, A Sterling Leadership

Certainly, with the need for altruism through selflessness, expertise, resilience, and dedication towards the cause of attaining sustainability for continuous growth and development, the taste for good governance through representation reflects the unique leadership qualities of the Kogi Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed.

The deserving of the highest esteem or admirable precision of a leader is no doubt linked to an acted act, and not in spoken words.

A wise leader must first realise that leadership and charity begins at home, thus, the ideology of Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed. While a larger society longs for a strongly and effectively built society, the Deputy Speaker of The Kogi House of Assembly, has through an unshaken commitment tackled matters related to diminishing educational standards as well as financial bankruptcy at the community level through initiations of educational reform as well as empowerment projects.

Just like a mathematical set that functions best when it’s materials are intact, a complete set of skills, meant for the projection and for a visionary leadership is important, Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed, an astute leader who stand unique among Nigerian politicians, possess a complete set of a productive leadership qualities, characterised by his self-awareness and prioritization of personal development, continuous focus on the development of others, propagation of Strategic thinking, innovation and actions, ethical and civic minded representation and an effective communication, realising the problems and becoming the solution.

Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed, whose politicking style and representation redefines a new dimension to good governance is a trusted solution to the menace of selfishness, bad leadership and unpatriotism amongst our politicians, as the only call of the people is development across all nooks and crannies of the Nation.

When the Youths are empowered, the future becomes secured, when education is prioritised, a stronger foundation for the future is built and when infrastructural development is captured, sustainability in the future is attracted. Behold, Rt. Hon. Ahmed Mohammed, The Nigerian politician and an Ambassador Of good governance, whose focus on development is not just at the community level of Ankpa or Kogi State, but at a larger society, Nigeria.

Abdullahi Suleiman Omale.

Article by VisionaryDemola
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