Lagos,Ogun,Kaduna LGA Elections: 2 Important Things To Bear in Mind

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The analyses I made on the Lagos LGA Election results, Ogun LGA Election results and the Kaduna LGA Election Results are as follows.

Ogun,Lagos,Kaduna LGA Elections: People Prefer to Vote Popular Parties

Many Nigerians honestly do not have in mind any other party than APC/PDP “binary political parties in the words of Cheta Nzenwa.

We have to build a strong coalition that can take root all across Nigeria if we wish to win the people’s mandate on a large scale.

What am I saying?

I am not saying that we have to create a youth political party, or our own political party. No!

We need to identify parties that share similar manifesto and political ideology which is to rebuild Nigeria.

There are many political parties we can reach out to and build a formidable team we cannot base only on organization-less movement.
In politics, there is the need for organization, how do you convince youths, if they don’t see themselves in the political organization?

Political movements are also good but they cannot contest for elections—the first means of recruiting leaders in a democracy.

The Lagos, Ogun and Kaduna LGA Elections have come and gone but we need to study the basics as these LGA Elections may project the forthcoming elections in Nigeria this year

Ogun,Lagos and Kaduna LGA Elections:APC, PDP, Not Impossible To OutWin

APC and PDP are the political parties that won numbers of local government areas and wards in the Lagos LGA Election, Ogun LGA Election and Kaduna LGA Elections

The highest in the 3 states of Lagos, Ogun and Kaduna was won by the All Progressives.


Lagos LGA Election Results

And other newspapers.

Only few chairmanship seats were won by Nigeria’s biggest opposition, the Peoples Democrat.

However, if the incumbent Kaduna Governor, Nasir El-Rufai can lose his LGA to PDP despite being from APC then Nigerian Youths Can Win Only if they unite and plan now ahead of 2023 Nigerian Presidential Elections.

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