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When I use the word “countryman”, I am not referring to politicians; when I use the word ” countryman” I am not referring to people who love politics, when I write “countryman” I am referring to citizens, stakeholders, you and I.

Learning about Nigeria’s politics is not until you study political science.

Don’t say I don’t like politics, politics is a determinant of the future of a nation, of a business and of a family, yet many generation. Just find your level of politics———VisionBoy

In ancient Greek city-states, all adult men were participants, even in our own, precolonial Igbo villages,because they knew that:

Politics is all about decision making for a collective people–VisionBoy

So that’s why, as democracy promotes it, we must take part in guarding our collective interest and advancing our personal interests so that no one bears the brunt.

We shouldn’t allow the #EndSARS Protest to be in vain.

To liberate Nigeria, we must understand Nigeria’s problems—- they are not necessarily the leaders!

Neither are they necessarily the people.

It is the Constitution both as a document and as a political system that, in my opinion, is the problem we need to solve.

Reasons You Should Learn about Nigeria’s Politics

Politics cannot be left in the hands of politicians.

1 Welfare: A Government may not be welfarist but no Government can evade the task of providing suitable welfare for the citizens and residents of the country.

Whoever you vote for, brings in policies and an ideology behind those policies.

Politics affects even—- the price of garri in the market—VisionBoy in the language of Flash Isaac, CEO at Flash Learners

2 Voting: If you understand Nigerian politics you will see why you need to vote and not just vote but to vote for the right candidates that can make positive visionary changes in Nigeria and in Nigeria’s politics.

3 Academic Affairs: If you graduate from primary school you will proceed to secondary school, and from secondary school to the university, Government is capable of providing student’s loan——— But you need to understand Nigerian politics

4 Human Rights Education: You need to know your rights as a citizen of Nigeria so that they will not be abused.

If you don’t know that you are entitled to a grant policy by a state government for example, how will you take part in it?

You get?

4 Best Places to Learn about Nigeria Politics

  1. Nigerian Political newspapers such as Politics Nigeria
  2. Nigerian Newspapers’ opinions, editorials and letter and columnist sections.
  3. Watch and listen Television and radio programs and news such as
  4. Subscribe to Political blogs such as Liberating Nigeria, Omojuwa, and my own Naija Countryman.
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