Ever wondered what life means? Why is life as it is? What you should do next?

Well, almost everyone wonders these, if not consciously, then unconsciously, they are questions we almost always leave unspoken but again they are questions that need true answers.

Common Life Goals As A Nigerian/African

Whether you live in the busy and booming cities; or in the quiet and serene villages, you probably have these as outline goals

  1. Go To School: “Are you in school?” they ask, so you look to the days you will write and pass WAEC and JAMB, get to school, and get your Bachelors Degree etc.

Your degree is a piece of paper, your “know-how” is the evidence of  the education you claim to have, formal or informal—— VisionBoy paraphrased Elon Musk

You need more than a degree, you need positive knowledge and positive understanding as positive ingredients for a positive life.

2. Land a Big-time Job: You dream of a job that can turn you into a millionaire someday.

Life is more than money, Life cannot be defined by acquisition but by expression——VisionBoy

You don’t need money to be a millionaire, you only need air——–VisionBoy

Create your own job and do your own work like as homework———-VisionBoy

3. Getting Married: A day you will meet your life partner.

Relationship is not about one, it is about all the people involved,try to remember that next time it appears you are the only one doing your best———-VisionBoy

What is Life Coaching?

A Life Coach

Life coaching is a process of acquiring and giving out the values of life.

Your Life coaching is both general and specific, you will learn/ teach about it from two angles.

Life Coaching trains you for a part of life, the better your coaching, the better your preparedness for life.

Who is a Life Coach?

A Ballet (Dance) Life Coach

A life coach is you and I living in this generation and handing out that life has taught you and I to the next generation———-VisionBoy

A life coach is any person next to you that can contribute to your development positively, that is, Personal-development.

Now I consider this a kind of reciprocal.

You develop yourself (out action) when you develop others, and you develop others when you develop yourself(in action)

3 Essences Getting A LifeCoach As A Nigerian/African

Why do I need to Get coached about life?

  1. Learn from experiences——-People Talk am.

Okay, but learning from experiences does not mean you must have many experiences, you can learn from the experiences of others————life coaches.

2.Know Your Life Purpose: Life coaching can help you, if not to find out about your life purpose, then to prepare you for them. How? By INTRODUCTION,MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION, TEAMWORK, TRAINING,PROMOTION AND CELEBRATION , I call the code IMMITPROCELs. He/She will do One or Some or All of these? Are you talented at writing?At music?———Get a Lif e oach

3 Have A Dream and A Screen: Don’t be limited by what you see. But be motivated by the positive things you want to see.

Let us consider two stories, a 3-time heavy-weight boxing champion, Muhammed Ali had life coaches in the person of parents (foundational coach) and Joe E. Martin, the then police-officer and manager who told him to get back his bicycle (motivational coach and promotional coach).

Popular tennis player and 39-time Grand Slam winner, Serena Williams learned from her father,Richard D. Williams Jr.,(Introduction, Motivation, Inspiration,Promotional and Celebration Coach) and her sister, Venus, also a tennis player (Teamwork Coach)

Our own Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey, popular Juju Musician was coached(introduction and inspiration Coach) by Chief Guitarist, Fatai Rolling Dollar before his heydays.

Need A Life Coach?

Well, you are a life coach to others by what positive things you teach them about what you learned about life, others are also life coaches by what positive things they teach you about their lives.

You can start from here, see a Life Coach based in London,UK, they offer consultancy on education, relationship, business and personal development in the code capacity of: INTRODUCTION, MOTIVATION, INSPIRATION, TEAMWORK, TRAINING ,PROMOTION AND CELEBRATION.

Will you Get A coach so? Will you Be a Life coach? How? Let me know, and don’t forget the code ——- “IMMITPROCEL”

Article by VisionaryDemola
I am a politics blogger, a policy analyst and a political commentator.
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