Nigeria Is Like A Pregnant Woman

Nigeria is like a pregnant woman who, though on supplies shortage, is about to give birth.

Some doctors come and say that the children should live in stead of the woman as there is shortage of supplies and the woman is holding the children in her.

These doctors naturally estimate the children Nigeria is carrying to be 3, at least 3 are visible, some among them estimate it to be 4 children, some 5 children some 6 children but Nigeria has more than 250 tribes!

Another group of doctors come and say that Nigeria should live in stead of the children as the woman is sure, and about the children, we are yet uncertain.

Now I have come and I am saying that like all doctors who value human lives and try their best for the best first and then the alternative, I am saying Nigeria can live and her children can live also——–**Restructuring**

To the politicians most especially, don’t think that Nigeria cannot break, if you don’t restructure Nigeria, if you keep pushing the masses to the wall with your same predictable “divide-and-rule tactic”, Nigeria will break…..

You will divide Nigeria but sadly you may not rule her children.

To those who want to break Nigeria without attempting to fix her first.

You are entitled to your opinions but honestly, not to the facts.

If you break Nigeria just because you claim that she is beyond repair.


You may say you are ready for war.

Civil war in break-up leads to international war in wake-up.

The children of Nigeria may fight each other because they broke not in peace and this may linger.

Nigerian Youths are the determinant of what will happen to Nigeria.

If even 90 per cent youths attempt to restructure Nigeria first to check if she can recuperate, Nigeria will stand and you may not recognise her again.

If even 90 per cent youths decide to part ways, Nigeria may break and may only return if the next generation of Oduduwa, Niger Delta, Biafra,Arewa, Tarkar and Jukan desire that this present generation and their parents made a mistake in breaking up without attempting to restructure.

10 Reasons Why Restructuring Is My First Option (And Why it Should Be Yours Too)

(1) If Nigeria breaks, all her components will still have a relationship, they are not leaving the map of Africa. Even if we must separate,let us not separate based on war.

(2) Good leadership unites the differences in a union, bad leadership differentiate the differences deeper.

(3) Let me try to fix Nigeria first, it is the fist liberation alternative, I can still leave the union later. However if I leave now, especially based on war, I am not sure of returning later.

(4) It is not about breaking Nigeria, it is about fixing Nigeria.

(5)Restructuring Nigeria means fixing her political system, economy, society and people.

(6) Breaking Nigeria may only mean “go-your-way- i-go-my-way”, breaking Nigeria’s problems into pieces that may/may not be solvable by breaking-up.

(7)It is not the relationship that is the problem, it is the basis of the relationship. There is no way the Nigerian children won’t relate even if Nigeria breaks up, we are in West Africa, Africa and on planet Earth.

(9) If I attempt to fix Nigeria first but fail, then I will “path” my way.

(10) If I attempt to fix Nigeria first and I succeed, I will rejoice and be glad for Africa.

Whether Nigeria is restructured or broken up I will not be afraid.

What's Your Opinion On This?