Taliban Takeover Afghanistan:What Should Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Be?

Taliban Takeover Afghanistan:What Should Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Be?

Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan (A Nigerian Perspective)

A Taliban fighter
A Taliban fighter

When we heard about Taliban’s closing-in on Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital city, we were quite surprised, hours later we heard the Prime Minister (Head of Government) has fled the country and that the triumphant-looking Taliban militants have gained entrance to the offices.

The fact that America’s military intelligence in Kabul didn’t project this earlier publicly, and didn’t figure out how to disperse the militants away from the capital city has put more question to US goals on stabilizing Afghanistan after the 20 years invasion in the tenure of former US President George Bush following the Al-Qaeda linked bombing of the World Trade Centre in New York.

US President Biden’s withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan has quite shifted US foreign policy objectives much to the critism of the opposition but only time may tell.

USA President Biden
USA President Biden

Nevertheless, the people of Afghanistan, obviously being Muslims, have taken to the streets uprooting Taliban conquest flags and protesting the Taliban takeover which clearly shows that they don’t support the Taliban takeover.

Nigeria is a political power in Africa and as such I am expecting our foreign policy to organise Africa’s own as regarding the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

2 Nigerian Foreign Policy Principles That Hints The Stance Nigeria Should Take

Based on the until-now 1999 Nigeria Constitution, our foreign policy has these principles and based on this principles we can expect the President Buhari-led administration to take specific actions as regarding the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

  1. Unimpeded decolonization of African States.
  2. Repect for human dignity, especially the dignity of the black man.

Based on this, I modestly state that

1 The President Buhari-led administration should not recognise Taliban

2 The Buhari administration should champion OAU’s stance towards not recognizing Taliban’s unpopular leadership over Afghanistan.

3 Reasons Why Nigeria Should Not Recognise Taliban in Afghanistan

Nigerian leaders who the foreign policy in Afghanistan cobcers
Who the Foreign policy concerns
  1. The Afghanistan people have said “no” to Taliban’s takeover.
  2. Our foreign policy principles as stated in the 1999 Nigerian Constitution doesnt accept what Taliban’s dictatorship is perpetrating in Afghanistan.
  3. With Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria , Al-Shabab insurgency in Somalia, ISWAP (Islamic State of West African Province) insurgency in West Africa , one way Nigeria, Africa can stop these insurgency is to say “no” to the insurgency outside.

Are we still supposed to give recognition to the unpopular Taliban in Afghanistan?

Is Nigeria supposed to do that?

Is Africa supposed to do that?

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