Now that the Nigerian 2023 Presidential Election is coming closer only about 365 days plus! It will be better for Nigerian youths to identify the presidential candidates we wish to vote.

Let us vote for the best candidates in all the forth-coming elections in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s Best Presidential Candidates: Top 4 Qualities To Look Out For

Best Candidates for Nigerian Presidential Election
Best Candidates for Nigerian Presidential Election

Qualities of the Best Presidential Candidates

Credibility: The President of Nigeria , the Vice President and all the Ministers must be individuals who are credible and honest. I don’t mean perfection, because all most all candidates may have one thing or another in their profile, be it political profile or in their biography.
We need an individual who wishes to meet the needs of rebuilding Nigeria and is honest.

Pro-restructuring Advocate and Participant : The President and Vice-President and the Ministers of Nigeria must be individuals who are not only advocates but also participants of restructuring in either public or private sectors of Nigeria. Nigeria cannot go on as it is oh….. restructurimg will rebuild the foundation and prevent its collapse. The individual must make the best use of the 1999 Constitution and make a new Constitution for Nigeria.

Quality and Achievable Presidential Manifesto: The major issues of security, economic growth and development, youth employment, health and restructuring Nigeria must not only be mentioned in his/her manifesto. I will prefer if he/she can outline the steps briefly how he/she intendPremium Timess to achieve them.

New Party: Nigeria needs leaders who are not corrupt political parties that so that they can deliver the social contract once Naija people entrust them with their mandate.

Nigeria Presidential Election: Top 4 Best Candidates

Prof Kingsley Moghalu-Former CBN Governor!

Best Nigerian 2023 Presidential Candidate
2019 YPP Presidential Candidate| Potential Minister of Finace

He was the former CBN Deputy-Governor (Central Bank of Nigeria) and the Nigerian 2019 Presidential Election YPP candidate (Young Progressive Party).

Kingsley Moghalu has a credible public profile, he has been an advocate of restructuring, he also has his BIG 2019 presidential manifesto and he is on the platform of a relatively good party- ADC (African Democratic Congress) seemingly working to a build a coalition on which he can win the Nigerian 2023 Presidential Election having declared interest.

Since he’s no longer running, I believe that he can be the Minister of Finance in the new administration based on his good antecedents at the CBN.

Omoyele Sowore: Popular Democracy Activist!

Best Nigerian Presidential Candidate
2019 AAC Presidential Candidate|Potential Minister of Information and Communication

He is the founder of Sahara Reporters, an investigative online newspaper that reports on democratic defficiencies in Africa.

Sowore was also a Nigerian 2019 Presidential Election AAC candidate (African Action Congress)

He has been a long time advocate of a new Nigeria that is free from bad governance since 1992 UNILAG SUG days.

His 2019 SPICER HEAT presidential manifesto, which I observed is the foundation of his post-election-season #RevolutionNow/#BuhariMustGo campaign, speaks of his brilliant vision for a Nigeria as “the Giant of Africa”.

Lastly, he is from a political party which is relatively good.

Sowore will make a good president for Nigeria as he is one of the few incorruptible heroes of Nigeria’s democracy.

Fela Durotoye-Leadership Coach!

Fela Durotoye Best Presidential Candidate
2019 AAN Presidential Candidate| Potential Minister of Youth and Labour Productivity

Fela Durotoye is the President of GEMSTONE Nation Builders Foundation, an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) that is focused on youth transformational leadership and social change.

He was the ANN Presidential Candidate in the 2019 Presidential Election.

Durotoye has contributed to transforming lives of Nigerians via his private business-GEMSTONE and others.

He also has a brilliant ASPIRE 2019 presidential manifesto that can turn around various sectors in Nigeria. And, he is from a good political party.

Fela Durotoye is a person I also support for 2023! Since, he hasn’t declared,at least, he can be the Minister of Youth and Labour Productivity.

Tope Fasua-Economist and Political Observer!

Best Nigerian Presidential Candidate

2019 ANRP Presidential Candidate| Potential Minister of Commerce and Investments

Fasua is the CEO of Global Analytics Consulting Limited. He was the ANRP 2019 Presidential Candidate (Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party) for the 2019 Presidential Election.

He writes his opinions on the current political swings in Nigeria on Premium Times.

Tope Fasua has a valuable REVOLUTION OF IDEAS 2019 presidential manifesto, he is coming from a new party and is an advocate of restructuring as can be seen in his manifesto ideas which I consider as capable of transforming Nigeria to a first world country.
He seems not to have interest in the Nigerian 2023 Presidential Election from what I observed on his personal website but I have the feeling that he is also a best Presidential candidate that Nigerians should consider, if not as President then at least as the Minister of Commerce and Investments in the new administration.

How to Beat APC/PDP At their Game: Building A Nigerian Presidential Coalition!

In the 2019 Presidential Election, we ended up with the All-Progressives return to Power having failed us in their first term.

None of these candidates could garner up to even a quarter of the votes President Buhari (APC) got or even main opposition candidate Alhaji Abubakar Atiku (PDP).

Sowore, Moghalu,Fashua and Durotoye lost a huge number of potential votes through a splited voter-bloc.

That’s why I am thinking that they need to come together this time around.

Creating a coalition via these presidential candidates will be far more easier than creating a coalition via parties.

Unlike facing the problems of going through the parties’ hierarchy tro and fro, the candidates mechanism will pull their supporters across parties and hence,all the political parties necessary; which will jointly increase the electoral value of the consensus Presidential candidate and that of the cabinet of consensus ministerial-nominees.

I fully recommend that we rally visionary Nigerians who are running for office such as Sowore, Durotoye, Moghalu, Shehu Sani and several others to join hands towards build a formidable structure; only then can any third-force candidate have the chance of winning the 2023 Presidential Election apart from Peter Obi (Labour Party) or Rabiu Kwankwaso (Nigerian National Peoples’ Party) (who have been relatively part of the rotten democratic system of Nigeria).
Without this, and without a unified Nigerian youth voter-bloc , “the Big 3 Candidates” may only emerge as de-facto Presidents of the “Big 3 Tribes” of a Nigeria at its brink of secession.

To win APC/PDP we need to get a consensus Presidential candidate while the rest should be consensus “Ministerial nominees“.

Nigeria’s Best Presidential Candidates: How To Determine The Consensus Candidate

We have to be humble and think less of ourselves as candidates, and think more of Nigeria and Nigerians, if we are serious in the mission of rebuiling Nigeria.

Don’t think that if APC/PDP leaves office, Nigeria has been rebuilt already, it requires character and positive action for Nigerians’ dream to come true!

We need to join hands together to re-build Nigeria.If we keep analysing Nigeria’s problem nothing may change, if we keep proposing solutions nothing may be done.

This put me in mind of AAC’s logo

AAC Party logo

AAC Party logo

That’s it, teamwork!

If we had built this team successfully in the Nigerian 2019 Presidential Election there would have been nothing as next to the campaign against police brutality in Nigeria because we would have had a restructured Nigeria Police.

Let each of these presidential candidate come for a round-table debate which will be based on “how I intend to work with my co-runners” and not on “I beta pass you” principles.

I volunteer to anchor the discussion with some other individuals.
The consensus President and Vice-President must be the candidate with the highest electoral value among these visionaries!

The rest candidates will be minister- nominees for the ministerial role which is relevant to their strengths.

Sowore can make a good Minister of Information and Communication by repeating his media exploits in the Government-Minister of Info and Communication!

Moghalu is a finance expert that can handle Nigeria’s finance reserves in the new administration-Minister of Finance.

Tope Fashua can be the economic analyst of the new administration-Minister of Commerce and Investments.

Durotoye with his youth-development coaching experience can at best be the Minister of Youth Labour and Productivity!

Check their pictures again.

Let us start campaigning as the “3rd Force Presidential Coalition” if we are serious about Nigerian 2023 Presidential Election and if we are serious about rebuilding Nigeria while it can be rebuilt.