I have some value-added online services to offer on  my blog, Naija Countryman, even though it is a Nigerian political blog.

Entrepreneurship Services:

  1. Draft My Business Plan: I help you create a visionary business plan that you can use to source for loans or investments in Nigeria as a small or medium scale enterprise.
  2. Digital Branding: I will help you select the social media platforms paramount for your business, as a Youtuber, instagram might be more necessary for your buainess than Twitter. I will also create a 3-D/2-D logo for your online biz.
  3. Website/Blog Building: I will build a standard website/blog for you at a very affordable price based on your need.
  4. VTU Products: You can buy your airtime, data and exam pins from me at a very affordable price.
  5. Freelancing: Search Engine Optimization and Content Writing.

Political Consultancy

  1. Campaign Strategy/Formula Development: I will help you analyse your campaign, the political environment and I will suggest steps you can take to make your campaign better.

Contact me here for any of this service at a very affordable price.

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