Nigerians in Osun are ready for another election this year.

There are only two democratic options

1 Re-electing Governor Oyetola (All Progressive Congress)

2 Electing a new Governor(Another Party)

My view is that the All Progressives, as I’ve always been saying, are not progressive for Nigeria’s democracy!

Best Candidate for Osun State Governorship Election

As an indigene of Osun, amongst all the other candidates such as the incumbent Governor Gboyega Oyetola(APC), Ademola Adeleke (PDP), I would rather vote Bayonle Ademola of the Young Progressive Party (YPP).

Best Governorship Candidate for Osun State Governorship Election
Best Governorship Candidate for Osun State Governorship Election

Credible Profile: Youthful Doctor!

Bayonle Ademola Adeseye is a young medical doctor of 35.

He was the Vice-President of his student association in the University of Ibadan. Thereafter he proceeded to Boston University in USA before returning home.

Achievable Manifesto: Osunites Needs!

His manifesto highlights the key needs of the residents of Osun State: security job creation, healthcare and education.

You can read more on Bayonle’s manifesto.

Proponent of Restructuring: Local Equity!

Bayonle believes that:
“A disruptive space with progressive ideology is necessary to advance chronically suppressed innocent citizens with great potentials to succeed within Osun State, Nigeria and around the world.”

New Party: Young Progressive Party!

Bayonle Ademola is a Young Progressive, the party, being promising and free from electoral corruption, was created in 2018 to provide a platform for young Nigerians with truly progressive political ideas to contests elections that until now are very costly in terms of finance.

Bayonle Ademola Adeseye is whom I endorse for Osun State Governor; Nigeria must be salvaged from impending ruins, and Osun cannot be left behind!