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I am a young Nigerian, by name, Demola Otun,VisionBoy, the founder and CEO of Naija Countryman.

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I hope you will find my Nigerian political blog helpful in your daily life as a Nigerian citizen, as I know that majority of us are more interested in entertainment, sports and money-making…… Smiles……. But the truth is politics contribute more to daily life….. I will show you how …..

You and I know that the state of Nigeria is not right, democratic dividends such as human rights, free and fair elections etc. are quite shallow in our land; that’s why I ask you to join the positive vision of building a new Nigeria that can stand as a giant of Africa for all of us.

The future of Nigeria is being made by what we the citizens do (I mean, both the leaders and the led).

Politics is not for politicians only,it is perhaps, more for the citizens. Almost everything that happens in the society starts from politics.

Nigerian political blog

What are you to do?

Be a citizen by learning and participating in politics: get your voters card, ask yourself questions, ask others questions,call/write your leaders, support your candidate, run for office( highest form of political participation? Maybe)

Now, to do any of the above you will need qualitative political education.

How? Read below

Naija Countryman is a Nigerian politics blog

About My Political Blog

Naija Countryman, a Nigerian political blog, which I started (almost coincidentally)on National Youth Day, November 1 2020, is a “youseful” blog focused on educating Nigerian youths on Nigerian politics, so that we can rebuild Nigeria now and ahead of this democratic dispensation.

When I write “countryman” I do not mean a Nigerian politician or political scientist, I mean, in fact, the everyday Nigerian citizen which is largely an all-inclusive term of all Nigerian stakeholders in the polity.

I intend us to start from the Nigerian political scape, as Nigeria is a microcosm of Africa, but that will not limit the horizon of this Nigerian political blog from publishing on continental issues or even global issues-becoming an African political blog.

Whether you are a Secondary school student, university student or graduate or even a business-person, Naija Countryman will keep you in line with what every Nigerian citizen should know.

I, you, and all other contributors, will write on Nigerian politics in a simplified form so that we all (Nigerian citizens and enthusiasts) can learn from our individual political thoughts.

Core Values of My Political Blog

  • Matters Arising of the latest political issues as it affects Nigeria.
  • Bills and Policies analysis of the Nigerian Government and citizens suggestions for the emergence of a new and better Nigeria.

Bonus Values of My Political Blog

  • I will teach you how to apply for Empowerment Programmes in Nigeria.
  • I will inform you about genuine ways to make money online as a Nigerian Youth.

Naija Countryman is a political blog in Nigeria that aims to educate Nigerians and Africans on rebuilding Nigeria positively and contributing to a “one Africa”


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Naija Countryman Founder.

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I will be adding the corner-stone articles here: as a map so that you can navigate easily,and also obtain optimal value from the blog.

Why You Should Vote in the next Nigeria General Election; a citizen’ s guide to using people power to choose the people and policies.

How to Run for Nigerian General Election; an election tutorial for your politcal ambission to serve Nigerians in public office.

How to register voter’s card; a complete guide on how to apply for permanent voter’s card and allied issues.