Resignation From Political Office: Is Empathy, Shame, And Integrity Lost In Nigeria?

Resignation From Political Office: Is Empathy, Shame, And Integrity Lost In Nigeria?

As rightly enshrine in the Constitution of federal Republic of Nigeria; “The security and welfare of the people shall remain the primary purpose of Government.” With series of crimes, terrorism, insurgency ravaging our country since all these years, no Government has show full responsibility and the capacity to tackle the menace.

From one Administration to the other, every axis of Nigeria; from the North, to the South, to the East and West, there’s increasing level of crime rates, which has caused a huge loss to many country people.

The scores of people gruesomely burnt to ashes in Sokoto state recently is regrettable, disheartening and utterly condemnable. The present administration of President Buhari has to act, beyond just expressing shock and making vow to deal with the perpetrators.

Kidnapping, banditry, robbery and some other atrocities has become a routine, because of our reaction to event unfolding, and particularly the body language of leaders in position of authority, who has the machinery to curtail such crimes.

South Korean Prime minister (Chung Hong-won) once resigned over ferry sinking. Similarly, Dutch Prime minister (Mark Rutte) accepted the responsibility for wrongful accusations of fraud by the tax authorities that drove thousands of families to financial ruin, and he resigned on January 15, 2021. Jüri Ratas resigned as Prime Minister of Estonia, after an investigation suspected that his party were involved in “criminal involvement.”

In this part of the world, unfortunately many are victim of wrong governmental policy, but no leader has ever come out to accept responsibility, perhaps claim the damages of their sheer greed and administrative incompetence.

If the President, Governors, Senators, or any other public office holders are consistently failing in their primary responsibilities, it’s more honorable for them to step down and simply give chance to individuals who are competent in all ramifications.

~ Abdulbaki Jatto

Article by VisionaryDemola
I am a citizen, a politics blogger and policy analyst with the vision of rebuilding Nigeria for all Nigerians.

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