How to Register Voters Card in Nigeria


I will teach you how to register voters card online in Nigeria; the Independent National Electoral Commissioned has declared Monday, June 28, 2021 as the starting date for the continuous voters registration 2021?: an exercise of voters registration on and off-election seasons, so you should apply for voter’s card as soon as you can

In this complete guide, I will teach you how to get your voter’s card and I will also provide information on other issues such as:

  • How to register voter’s card online in Nigeria
  • How to apply for voters card
  • How to check voters card status in Nigeria
  • How to correct errors in voters card registration
  • Where to register voters card in Nigeria
  • How to change your polling unit in Nigeria
  • How to report lost,stolen or damaged voter’s card and how to request for a new one

Voters Card Registration in Nigeria:What are the Requirements?

To get your Permanent Voter’s Card the following is the criteria you must fulfil:

  • Citizenship: You mist be a citizen of Nigeria, as foreigners will not be allowed to register for voter’s card
  • Adult age: You must be at least 18 years as at the time of applying for PVC registration in Nigeria. INEC encourages those who have clocked 18 to come and register…..
  • Biometrics Registration: Your name, date of birth, thumbprint and passport photograph capturing will be done on the scene of the registration.
How to register voters card in Nigeria
Requirement for Voter’s Card Registration

How to Register Voters Card in Nigeria (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to register voters card in Nigeria
How to register for voter’s card in Nigeria

INEC has made two methods available for how to register voters card : online voters card registration and physical voters card registration.

I will explain it below.

How to Register Voters Card Online in Nigeria
This is a pre-registration/online method

The entire process of online voters registration 30 minutes

(1) Visit the INEC Online Registration Portal

(2) Create Your Portal Account

Create an account with your working e-mail address and await an activation link in your mail inbox.

(3) Activate and Continue Your Registration

Click on the activation links and continue your registration by filling the online form appropriately: name, date of birth, state of origin etc.

(4) Choose a Covinient Date for Physical Completion

Pick a date from the available timeslots that you would be available for the capturing of your fingerprints.

(5) Crosscheck, Submit and Await Report

Print the application slip generated; it contains your filled information, your application number and a QR code for the later completion of your voter’s card registration.

(6) Print Your Application Slip and Visit Your Registered INEC Office on the Scheduled Date

Print your slip and on the scheduled date, proceed to your nearest INEC state or LGA office for capturing your thumbprint.

(7) Present Your Application Slip to the INEC official

Complete the registration and collect your registration slip.
Note: Application slip is the one you brought upon pre-registration (online registration) while Registration slip is the one you will be given upon complete voter registration.

(8) Present Your Registration Slip

Present your registration slip on the day you are to collect your permanent voter’s card (PVC) and collect it in exchange.

How to Register Voters Card Physically in Nigeria

This is an in-person/physical Method for

  1. Proceed to any INEC State or LGA office as from July 17, 2021.
  2. Fill the voter’s card application form
  3. Do the photo and thumbprint registration
  4. You can also request for correction of your data if need be.
  5. Collect your registration slip

You can also watch this video below:

how to register for voter’s card in Nigeria

How to Register Voters Card in Nigeria:Frequently Asked Questions

When will voter’s card registration begin?

The voter’s registration will begin from June 28 2021 with a temporary stopage on
August 31 2021 ahead of the Anambra State Election.

How to check my voter’s card status?

To check your voter’s card status click on INEC e-voters status or download and use myINEC—–the official INEC app using your VIN (voter’s identication number) or date of birth.

Do I need NIN for Voter’s Card Registration?

No, INEC has said that NIN will not be used for the coming election. Hence, it is optional nnot mandatory.

How do I Retreive My Lost/Damaged Voter’s Card?

If your PVC (permanent voter’s card) is damaged, lost or stolen you can apply or replacement
on the INEC portal retrieval section or at the INEC state or LGA office.

How do I change/transfer My polling station

Apply for transfer via the INEC online portal transfer section or using your myINEC app or at your INEC state or LGA office.

Can I register for Voter’s Card Now?

As from  June 28 2021 to about September 2022 with an interspace of  August 31 2021 ( temporary stoppage ahead of the Anambra State Election) ….You should be able to get your voter’s card.

Must I vote?

No. but I will advise you to vote and vote well, this a democracy and voting is the basic way of contributing to decision-making…..Some say if you refuse to vote, you have no right to complain of the outcome.

Is the Voters Card Registration Still Going On?

Yes, up till now, the voters card registration is still going on. You can subscribe to my blog to be notified about the updates.

Can I still get my PVC after Election?

Sure! If you didn’t collect it before election, you can still collect it after by applying for it on the INEC online registration portal collection section .

How do I change the name on my voter’s card?

To correct your name or any information visit: INEC online registration portal information update

Vote, it is your right—–INEC

See more on the importance of voting

I hope you find this guide on how to register your voter’s card in Nigeria complete and useful enough.

If you have any question on how to register voters card in Nigeria, you can ask by leaving a comment below.

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