How To Run For LGA Chairman/ Ward Councillor in Nigeria [And Win Easily]

You might consider to run for Ward Councillorship or LGA Chairmanship in your Ward and LGA respectively as a Nigerian youth getting ready for the 2023 General Election.

Disclaimer: I am not asking every Nigerian youth to run for these positions, it is only if you have interest and the capacity for local leadership.

Some Nigerian youths with political interests can serve better in another office.

To know the “how-to” take your time to read this this tutorial where I will teach you how to run for LGA chairman in Nigeria and how to run for ward councillor in Nigeria.

Criteria for LGA Chairmanship

  1. You must be a Nigerian citizen.
  2. You must be a minimum of 25 years of age.
  3. You must have a minimum of Ordinary National Diploma (OND).
  4. You must have an evidence of tax payment.
  5. You must be conversant with the local issues in the LGA

Criteria for Running for Ward Councillor

  1. You must be a Nigerian citizen
  2. You must be a minimum of years of age
  3. You must have a minimum of Ordinary National Diploma (OND).
  4. You must have an evidence of tax payment.
  5. You must be informed about local issues in your communities.

Simple Steps on How to Run for LGA Chairman/ Ward Councillor in Nigeria

  1. Draft your manifesto—your vision for the Local Government Area or Ward
  2. Join a visionary political party that share your ideology so that you will have higher chances at successful teamwork/collaboration.
  3. Be active in the party’s ward or LGA office—-This will help you to have support for the LGA Chairmanship/Ward Councillorship ticket.
  4. Participate in the party’s primary election by obtaining the form.
  5. Campaign in the party and let them know why you should be the flagbearer and what you will do for the LGA/Ward.
  6. If you win, Congrats! Obtain the official INEC form, fill and submit it after crosschecking it.
  7. If you don’t, see whether you can run as Vice-Chairman, if your votes and the party’s constitution allows you.

Pro Tips for Choosing Your Vice-Chairman (Running-mate)

If you win, then you will the flagbearer of your party in that election and you will run alongside a running-mate.

Councillors in Nigeria do not have deputies, however, LGA chairmen have.

Your running mate will be called Vice-Chairman aspirant before the general election, Vice-Chairman elect after a victory in the election and Vice-Chairman upon inauguration.

  1. Make sure he/she shares the same ideology/manifesto with you. The closer the similarity, the better the parity/compatibility of your administration.
  2. Ensure he/she is your friend or can be your friend.
  3. Ensure he/she can work both during your joint campaign and in office.

7 Pro Tips on How to Win LGA Chairmanship/ Ward Councillorship Elections

  1. Find out the campaign area: Wards you must touch as LGA Chairman aspirant or Communities as Ward Councillor aspirant.You can get your VOTEMe campaign kit here.
  2. Public appearances: Attend interviews and debates if you can and mind what you say and what you reply. There can be “flashbacks” someday.
  3. Source for funding: party sponsorship, crowd-funding, products profit, savings, gifts and donations etc.
  4. Manifesto Marketing: Let the people know what you intend to achieve for them in office and how you intend to achieve it.
  5. Internet Marketing: Use at least 3 most popular social media handles in Nigeria, get a campaign website/landing page featuring your profile and manifesto, constantly do e-mail marketing to your subscribers/supporters on each issue that concerns you and the LGA/ward.
  6. Encourage and educate your people/constituents on why they should vote in the next election.
  7. Join the campaign for preventing electoral malpractices in Nigeria.

With these lessons, I am optimistic that you can run for LGA Chairman/Ward Councillor in Nigeria and win.