How To Run For President In Nigeria [A Complete Guide]

I composed this guide: how to run for President in Nigeria, to provide valuable information towards your citizenship/political education and/or your presidential ambition mainly as a Nigerian youth.

So if you’re looking for how to run for President in Nigeria, how to become Nigeria’s President, how to win presidential election in Nigeria, you will find it in this guide.

But I have to tell you:

Disclaimer: Don’t run for Nigeria’s President if you don’t have a national vision for a new Nigeria, you might be destined for another public office

4 Qualification Criteria For Running as President in Nigeria

  1. The person must be of at least 35 years of age as signed into law by the Nigerian President Buhari upon youth advocacy for the #NotTooYoungToRun bill in 2018. Formerly it was age 40.
  2. The person must have a minimum of National Diploma and no longer SSCE; passed by the National Assembly in 2020.
  3. He/she must have proven record of tax payment at least for the past 15 years.
  4. He/she must not be banned from politics or guilty of public corruption.

Steps on How to Run for President in Nigeria

  1. Register as a member of a political party. Be careful which party you join as the party platform can make or mar the potential success of your presidential ambition. I personally will advise you to join a visionary party.
  2. Be active through your ministry in the political party. Your ministry might be campaign/rally ideas, mobilizing people, volunteering. Do what you can do positively for your political party because what you do will become your antecedents.
  3. Write your manifesto draft bit by bit as ideas come, what do you want to do for Nigeria? Why you want to do it? When, how and for whom? Don’t worry no matter how rough it looks, you can type/retype it later.
  4. Acquire the form for declaration of interest in your party to stand a chance to be your party’s flagbearer, there could be many individuals in the party who wants to run for president in Nigeria.
  5. Campaign in your party for support and to become the party’s flagbearer, let them know why they should trust you to be the party’s flagbearer and how your presidency will make the party a good name in Nigeria. Also find out who’s to be your potential running-mate according to your party’s constitution.
  6. Acquire the presidential nomination form from INEC Independent National Electoral Commisson) via your party and submit the form when duly filled and cross-checked by you.

3 Steps on How to Choose A Good Running Mate for Your Presidential Ambition

You running mate will be known as “Vices presidential aspirant” or “Vice-presidential candidate before and during the election, if you are elected he/she is automatically elected because you are running as a team; and he she will be called ” Vice-President Elect” on your successful election and “Vice-President” after inauguration.

So, I find it necessary to let you know that you need a running mate who can be a good team mate.

This is just to ensure you have a suitable person who can assist you in your presiding over Nigeria as the President.

  1. Ensure he/she is someone who shares the same vision for Nigeria with you.
  2. Ensure he/she is/can become your friend based on how you relate with one another on party level.
  3. Ensure he/she can also work effectively both for the campaign and in public office.

7 Tips on How to Campaign for “President” in Nigeria

  1. To campaign for President in Nigeria you will need to have a clear plan of the coverage area you need, I call it campaign map, contact me to get yours….
  2. You will strategically need to to touch the North-East, North-West, South-East South-West, South-South and North-Central with your political party caravan.
  3. Get a nice campaign jingle mainly in Nigerian pidgin English or just in English that can stand throughout the campaign season and beyond. Let us be honest, the “Atikulate” jingle for Atiku Abubakar’s 2019 presidential election had a good melody. You should get one like that! Perhaps I will help you compose one when you are ready.
  4. Watch what you say and what others say.
  5. Attend/feature in as much interviews as you are invited to or scheduled for on radio, TV and newspapers/blogs because campaign is about marketing your manifesto. Sometimes you running-mate can attend on your behalf because you are a team.
  6. Be active on at least 3 most popular social media (social networks) in Nigeria so that you can reach out to more people and more people can reach out to you as you might not be able to talk with everyone physically.
  7. Educate your supporters and every Nigerian on why they should vote in the next Nigeria Presidential Election, this will not only promote you as a good citizen it will ensure that your supporters and contribute to a popular election.
  8. Support the campaign to end electoral malpractices in Nigeria.

How much is the presidential nomination form?

According to the new Electoral Act 2010 ( as amended), the nomination form for presidential candidates costs 10 Million Naira.
However, note that you will still pay for declaration of interest form which belongs to your political party, hence the total amount is usually more than NGN 10M

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