How To Run For State Governor In Nigeria [Complete Guide]

How To Run For State Governor In Nigeria [Complete Guide]

Do you want to run for Governor of your state: Imo, Osun, Benue, Zamfara, Bauchi or Cross River or wherever you originate from in Nigeria,?

If yes, this is a complete guide for your governorship ambition as a Nigerian youth and how you can win the governorship election in your state in Nigeria.

But to let you know

Disclaimer: Don’t run for State Governor if you don’t have a positive all-inclusive vision for your state. Yours might be another position.

Criteria for Governorship Election in Nigeria

  1. The candidate must be a minimum of 30 years of age.
  2. He/she must be a minimum of a degree/diploma holder as amended by the NASS Act of 2019
  3. He/she must have a minimum of national diploma (OND)
  4. You must have evidence of tax payment for at least 15 years past.

If you do not qualify for the criteria here, don’t worry, work towards it as long as you have the passion to serve the people well.

Steps On How to Register for Governorship Election in Nigeria.

  1. Join a visionary political party in Nigeria to and one that matches your ideology to stand a better chance in the election.
  2. Be active in your political party’s state chapter, serve with what you can.
  3. Obtain the form for the party’s primary election.
  4. Campaign within and let them know your manifesto for the State and why you should be voted as the party flagbearer.
  5. If you win, congrats! If you don’t, see if you would like to be the running-mate and if you can actually be according to the party’s constitution, also see if you can work with the winner not just for the short-term but in long-term as well.
  6. Let’s assume you won, proceed to obtain the nomination form and fill it properly, crosschecking each item.
  7. Submit it to INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) after duly filled.

3 Tips on How to Choose Your Running Mate in the Governorship Race

Your running-mate in the gubernatorial/governatorial Election will be called “Deputy-Gubernatorial candidate” or “Deputy-Gubernatorial aspirant”

Upon your successful election, he or she will be called “Deputy-Governor-elect” and on inauguration, “Deputy-Governor”.

You are both a team so you’ll need to work together effectively and efficiently. That is why I recommend these tips:

  1. Ensure he/she share the same manifesto/ideas with you.
  2. Ensure that you are both friendly towards each other or that you can become friends and remain friends based on the governorship race.
  3. Make sure your running mate can work effectively both for the campaign and in public office (most especially).

How to Campaign for Governorship in Nigeria

  1. Identify the state you are running for ” Governor “. I will advise you to base it on these factors: your state of origin, state of residence, people and customs and the local matters arising.
  2. Get a sweet melodious campaign jingle in the local language that can resonate with the state indigenes.
  3. Meet the stakeholders—–the state’s people and let them know your manifesto, your brief history and why they should vote for you.
  4. Watch what you say, don’t make a promise you are not sure of, don’t reply in anger etc.
  5. Touch at least every LGA in the state with your party caravan ,give the campaign event ahead and ensure security and INEC guidelines so that you can meet people on the campaign ground,and if it is a multi-ethnic state let them know how you will unite the state with your manifesto.
  6. Educate the people on why they should vote in the next Gubernatorial election as this will let them know you are not just after getting into office but also fostering the state’s democracy.
  7. Attend interviews for TVs,radio
    programs, newspapers and blogs as you have to market your manifesto- “the what and how of your plan for the state”.
  8. Most importantly, as at now, join the campaign for electoral reforms in Nigeria

For statistics and more on how to run for State Governor in Nigeria you can consider reading this How to run for Nigeria General Election

What other tips do you recommend for Nigerian youths who want to run in the next Nigerian election coming 2023?

Let us know, the elections are getting closer!

I hope we will get to see Nigerian youths governing well in various states.

Not a hopeless hope if you and I do our best.

Article by VisionaryDemola
I am a politics blogger, a policy analyst and a political commentator.
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