My Countryman,
I want us to take we can use the social media as a tool towards participating in Nigeria’s democracy and salvaging this nation, Nigeria, in JESUS NAME.AMEN. Let’s get down to talk!

We, Nigerian youths, thank GOD ALMIGHTY, we have a tool in the 21st century that can remotely connect and mobilize our ideas be it as far as North’s Kano or South’s Bayelsa, this was not present in the days of Chief Awolowo, Dr Zik and Sir Ahmadu Bello, nor in the days of Afrobeat Music Legend, Fela Kuti But GOD HAS GIVEN US THIS TECHNOLOGY and that is why we should use it well not for scam nor for fraud, but for political engagement and entrepreneurship.

3 Types of Social Networks Popular Among Nigerian Youths

Twitter: A micro-blogging platform that allows one to share his thought on issues, quote issues, forward issues(retweet) and to bring awareness (trend) with about 24M Nigerian Twitter population we can trend a constitution change like #EndSARS trended number 1 in October 2020 worldwide on Twitter

How We Can Use Twitter As Nigerian Youths

  • Trending During Protests: We can create awareness globally by trending common protest messages on Twitter and tagging some influential in support at home and abroad. Example of the #EndSARS trended “No.1” in Nigeria and Worldwide during the heat of the movement that caught the attention and support of Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey amongst others
  • Polling Opinions: We can create polls ahead of elections to see how many of us support an idea or a candidate.
  • Messaging: We can message one another instantly.
  • “Follow Follow” : We can follow each other to mobilize ourselves online, boosting followership and reaching out to more people even without talking one on one.
Facebook: A US social media popular and most popular in Nigeria, created by Mark Zuckerberg is a site for basically friendship. With a Nigerian Facebook population of about 24M as at 2019(according to Statistica). We can engage for elections and campaigns for positive and visionary candidates.

How We Can Use Facebook As Nigerian Youths

  • Sharing Information: A huge population of digital-literate Nigerians are on FB so we can share images, videos and text that has to do with political education, keep in mind and others.
  • Grouping: We can create groups possibly based on the same youth movement for integration but on the basis of location such as State, LGA and the general nationwide platform.
WhatsApp: Is a voice over internet protocol messaging platform that is fast and easy. It has a Nigerian population of about 3.8 M in 2020 (according to statistics).

How We Can Use WhatsApp As Nigerian Youths

  • Message Sharing: Forwarding messages audio and video as well as text from one youth to another, having verified, that it is not “fake news”
  • Groupings: Creating Zroups on WhatsApp enables chat, seminar creation and online-officing.
  • Video calling:We can call one another for interviews, reports etc.
To the GLORY OF GOD, OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, I can say social media is and will be one of the best means of democratic participation in years to come, evident by Twitter and Facebook control on content reported for “harm or fake”and constant banning of politicians, reasons they want to control socialt media. They’ve seen it and read about it (not necessarily literally) as one of the tools that youths can use to bring about drastic positive changes, GOD-WILLING.

Best Way To Control Social Media in Nigeria

okay, let us even take into consideration that we need

to prevent fake news and speeches capable of causing harm to anyone, should that mean that people should be devoid of free speech. The until-now Nigerian Constitution of 1999 has due provision for free speech in the sections……………………. Should that be put under censorship because of social media sanitization? While it is true that human rights of one shouldn’t step on the human rights of another, it is equally true that democracy allows for different views——-civil liberty. I don’t know any truly democratic country that put the power of the control of social media in the hands of the Government and is still able to hold the Government responsible via those social media. If a persons writes about an action of the Government, he views wrong, the Government with such power might be quick to call it a hate speech or a civil offence social media. The best way to control the social media——against what? Against “fake news/hate speech” etc Not just “control social media” or “social media control” Control against “fake news/ hate speech” is by the following:

  • Let the Social Media Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and WhatsApp’s privacy policies and terms of conditions hold to control content that is considered “better not published/posted”
  • Let any comment or article on social media considered by people to be harmful let it be reported, just like Facebook’s report facility. It should be reported by the same social media users not the Government because the Government shouldn’t be a judge in its own case; moreso how can a Government prove a case against one of its critics, it is already suspicious because the person is a “Government critic” it goes against the ideal of democracy.
  • The Nigerian Government should clarify issues via the national television and should be transparent and accountable to Nigerians.
  • Restructure Nigeria constitutionally to ensure peace and prosperity in our politics, economies, commerce etc.

@nass We cannot gather 200M Nigerians to sessions physically but we can still reach out to 200 Million Nigerians for engagement on social media. That is why I am saying:

Social media is necessary for Nigerian youths’ democratic partipation and its freedom from Government control is paramount for its purpose of engagement. What do you think about this? How else can social media be controlled without Government control and in the view of guaranteed human rights?

Article by VisionaryDemola
I am a politics blogger, a policy analyst and a political commentator.
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