When I came across the news thath Senator Oluremi Tinubu (Lagos Central Senatorial Zone) attempted to chide Senator Smart Adeyemi (Kogi West Senatorial Zone) for stating his opinion, and in fact, the fact of the state of insecurity in Nigeria——an alarm for SOS, I already, once again, saw the problem with Nigeria as country, the National Assembly as a law-making institution and Nigerians representation.

Senator Remi Tinubu is not from APC Senatorial Zone, neither is Senator Adeyemi. I would say that we, Nigerians, need to be careful. If we are protesting on June 12 it is quite okay! But what is more important is what we are protesting about

A Senator is elected to represent and channel the interests of his people in the federation. In Nigeria, this is almost different. But I am not surprised at what transpired at NASS regarding this issue.


Because I now understand the “Trouble with Nigeria”, Chinua Achebe’s (one of Africa’s most popular writers) analytical view. But I even understand that the problem with Nigeria is NOT THE LEADERS ONLY.

Some people say

  • Nigeria’s problem is the leaders, they are wicked, they are not qualified, etc.

And then they say this after:

  • Nigeria’s problem is the people, they are too afraid, they can’t protest, they mis-vote etc.

What happened, actually, is not as if they didn’t understand the problem but that they didn’t understand the solution.

The problem is the system of laws, the Constitution, we are practising.

It returned us to democracy, in that it did good! But it didn’t return us to it with vital and enough democratic principles relative to our country’s features.Hence, the people become the leaders and the leaders become the people and state failure is worsening administration by administration, term by term.

What is the ” Trouble with Nigeria”?

The 1999 Constitution has misplaced power and has de-powered the powerless from correcting power.

It has become a cycle of deficit as the people who are patriotic become the leaders who are and the leaders w become the people seeing what is wrong only when out of power!

Must a Senator become a member of an opposition for clearly giving his opinion, for obviously stating facts, and for courageously bringing awareness to the truth?

If a Senator is more concerned about the party platform than the Senatorial Zone he/she is elected from, how will he/she represent the people effectively?

And to speak out one’s opinion is not an anti-party activity, to speak on behalf of one’s zone is necessary for a democracy. Moreso, to speak out in NASS shouldn’t be tinkered with——- “the people’s House”

In USA, Senators can support any idea regardless of partisanship—–a constitutional balance in regards the US House of Reps that is more partisan, in nature.

Former President Barack Obama, when he was a Senator (Illinois) at the US Senate, wrote in his book, The Audacity of Hope, that he as a Democrat signed in favour of the then President George Bush, a Republican, in winning the second term election and he had to answer his (Barack Obama) constituency mass calls and letters challenging the step he took. This was a senatorial decision that stepped out of party boundaries.

We may not agree abut how the state should be governed but we do agree that we have the state together—-simply my view

That is a country that works because it has a system that works!

Senator Adeyemi should not deter from saying the truth, his, will encourage others held hostage by negative partisanship. He may yet be considered as a “sheep in wolf’s clothing” by Nigerians who have already given up on Nigerian politicians, NASS 9th Session, and Nigeria as a state.

Sen. Smart Adeyemi (Kogi West Zone)

Sen. Smart Adeyemi (Kogi West Zone)

Senator Adeyemi, Sentor Remi Tinubu ,the All Progressives (APC), and Nigerians should remember that

We are all Nigerians before you are an “APC”—–Visionary Demola

Senator Remi Tinubu:Only a Case in Point

NASS has become a National Assembly of Party Senators and Party Representatives, instead of people’s Senators and Representatives.

We must not think that this case is a discovery, this case is only an example of a democratic-deficient Constitution that is holding down a promising state in the face of bitter partisanship.

I wish Nigerian youths can support the advocacy for a new Constitution that will birth a new Nigeria and fix the problems of the Nigerian National Assembly

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