Are You A Nigerian Politician, Youth Or Elder?

Is it a game?
Well, politics is certainly not a movie neither a game, it is a trust, a public trust.
Dirty game?
Well, I don’t know any game that is a game capable of  making one dirty. If a game is dirty, its players do not own the dirt but the game owns the dirt.
Evidently, there are many people, fellow citizens that politics could n’t make dirty……such as the Late Nelson Mandela of South Africa, the Late Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso and even our own Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Late Mallam Aminu Kano who threatened to protest against himself if “he is dirty”…….
Conclusively, politics is not a game and it is not a dirty game. It is a public trust.
Politics is the service of citizens for citizens……it is a public service for the betterment of the populace.
The public trust is based on your country’s Constitution.

” Constitution is the foundation of any country, the more it befits the country, the better the country works for
all citizens”——VisionBoy

The people who elected you into power are your best friends, you are holding political power in trust for them……that means that the political power belongs to the people, given to them by ALMIGHTY GOD their Creator and restored to them by OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, the Promised Saviour(who is God Himself Coming as Man—–JEHOVA SAVING US—–JESUS) , in the sense that they are all free men but to ensure that one man’s freedom does not trample on others’ freedom, man made man’s government.

  1. The People: These are the friends that support you that’s why you need to represent their interest because you’ve won their mandate.
  2. The Constitution: This is the agreement on which the country stands and it your political compass.

5 Things to Know And Note About Nigeria’s Politics

  1. Political Power Belongs to the People: Every politician or political aspirant should know this. Remember

    ” You are one of the People, you were placed above the People by the People and you will return to the People”——VisionBoy

  2. True Manifesto and Implementation: “I go do this”….” I go do that”……..We don hear am before you enter office, now that you are in office, implement them to the latter. If you made a manifesto you will not or cannot implement, how do you expect to have legitimacy——-the support and confidence of the people?
  3. Honest Communication: A politician or public servant that is honest with the people is honest with himself and is loved by the people…….. Go find out anywhere……

    A Nigerian politician who reaches out to his people constantly is known as a leader. We cannot elect someone and not hear from him again till the next election. That is why you must reach out to your people timely via social media or physically them.

Even if you don’t imimplementement  it to the expectations of the people, try to carry them along being yourself before them. Followers want to hear the TRUTH from their leaders.

” No dey disguise”———#EndSARS protester

4.Good Governance:

“My Dear Politician/Youth, Your Governance will become your political history and your nation’s history”—-


If you govern well with popular or peoples policies you will be  remembered by the nation, if you govern otherwise you’ll be remembered otherwise…….

are characteristics of a good leader, are you a good follower?Are you willing to t come a good leader?

“A leader might not he the leader of all but the leader of at least some, Brigadier General leads a Brigade not the whole national army”——VisionBoy

A good leader is not about wide acceptance? It is not about fame? It is not about power or the ability to control the followers. It is about Godliness, Holiness, Selflessness and a Vision of Positivity————-Beauty of The Inner  Man.

These are the 5 things every Nigerian politician must know before running for office, serving in office or leaving an office.

Do I know these 5 things as a Nigerian politician or as a Nigerian politician wanna-be (aspirant), have I applied them?

Let us all know how you will or how you have applied them at the comments

Article by VisionaryDemola
I am a politics blogger, a policy analyst and a political commentator.
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