TuFace for Benue State Governor ?

Tuface Idibia

Is TuFace Running for Governor?

TuFace Idibia, a popular Nigerian recording and performing artist once voiced out his ambition to run to run for a public office.

I was told that many responded with analyzing the management of his personal family life citing that he had children from different women and questioning his ability to lead as “Governor”.

But then? I think we shouldn’t pull down his capacity with criticism… He is at least striving to do things righteously and perfectly.

TuFace had made some mark in political activism, he has the people at heart and he is popular among the Nigerian youth after a successful music career of about 20 years plus.

TuFace’s First Term as Benue State Governor

Governor Tuface Idibia
“Governor Tuface Idibia”

Benue state, in north-central Nigeria, is multi-ethnic with tribes such as Tiv, Igede and Idoma etc. It is popularly called the foodbasket of the nation.

Will 2Face be able to clinch his party’s ticket?

And which political party can he use as the platform for his politics ambition?

His first term might probably centre on reforms in security, education, economy, agriculture (and transportation?) etc. based on his lyrics….


TuFace’s Activism

If there are musicians in Nigeria who are concerned about the suffering of the average Nigerian; Tu Face is likely one of them.He sang E be like say, a song that laments the promise-and-fail syndrome of Nigerian shady politicians.

The power is nothing

If you people cannot get quality education

The power is nothing

If your people are dying from disease and starvation

The power is nothing

if your people have no peace (no peace)

The power is nothing

If your people cannot live in unity (eh)

He also founded the 2Face Foundation now renamed as 2Baba Foundation, a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that advocates peaceful coexistence, nation-building and accountability in governance.He also started the “VOTE NOT FIGHT” campaign ahead of the 2019 General Elections.

TuFace in Politics: “OneVoiceNigeria” Controversy

Quite a number of people then and up till now do not consider TuFace’s political activism as “standard” because he cancelled a nationwide protest he called for, in 2017, against the economic hardship under the Buhari administration.

The Lagos State Police Commissioner had released a statement that the protest was banned in the state to prevent hoodlums from hijacking it and using it for havoc.

The statement was rejected by the Nigerian people in support of the protest. However, a day before the protest day, Tuface released a video that he was cancelling the protest many thought and claimed that the DSS had pressured him to cancle it——-a claim which Tuface debunked in a series of tweets from his verified Twitter handle.

Personally, I don’t consider “changing your mind about something” a sign of weakness..

Let’s be honest, if that protest held and something went south, it is likely that some will still find a way to blame this guy——-Tuface.

He hasn’t given up on good governance; so,that he changed his mind about the OneVoiceNigeria protest cannot signify that he has lost his “OneVoiceNigeria”.

Put Controversies Aside

Tuface is a humanitarian….I think we should welcome him, if he declares to serve the people in public office.

I wrote this post so that Nigerian youths can learn to: connect entertainment with politics; and to assess the public-service capacity of peopple behind the celebrity status.

Do you think Tuface should venture into politics? Vying for which public office?Why?

What's Your Opinion On This?