Don’t give up yet! Use the energy of your passion and vision of a new Nigeria to vote one more time…….You might never know you might positively influence the next Nigeria election.

A grain of rice can tip the scale—–Chinese proverb.

So, instead of staying at home during the voter registration process and on the election day let us come out and vote based on a “new Nigeria for all”.

About the security issue, just pray and stay safe, vote and return home, let others know what is happening at your polling station when you vote and you don’t need to press people on whom to vote at the polling station, while it may work, we should try to prevent intolerance from our political differences.

Vote in Nigeria General Election (2023)
Vote in Nigeria General Election(2023)

The next General Election will be a once-in-a-8-year election because it is constitutionally guaranteed that Nigeria will have new leaders but whether it from the same parties we don’t know yet.

That is why this is the time to make your vote count!

7 Reasons Why You Should Vote in the next Nigeria General Election (2023)

  1. Voting in the next Nigeria General Election (2023) will enable you to have a chance to change Nigeria if you vote positively.
  2. You should vote in the next Nigeria General Election (2023) so that you can exercise your right to vote in your country’s election.
  3. To ensure that Nigerian youth’s effort to advocate for a better Nigeria as it was seen in the #EndSARSProtests will not come to a waste as this is the corner stone of advocacy for a better Nigeria.
  4. So that you will not complain about the price of “rice, garri, tomato and pepper” in the market after the 2023 Nigeria General Election.
  5. So that you will be able to be a job holder or a job creator and not a job seeker after the 2023 Nigeria General Election
  6. To ensure that all your comments, complaints and discussion on Social media will not go in vain and nor in cycle.
  7. Vote to make a contribution to Nigeria’s betterment.

Best Candidates You Should Vote in the Next Nigeria General Election (2023)

Who did you expect me to mention?

There are many candidates to vote for in the Nigeria general election (2023)) and again, their are many bests……….

Instead of mentioning names, I’ll mention characters:

  • Godliness
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • Humility

The list continues……..these characters are inherent in good leaders.

6 Types of Elections You Should Vote in the Nigeria General Election (2023)

  • Presidential election: Don’t vote based on tribe or sentiments, vote based on character and manifesto. It is still better to vote someone who’s not your family and he does well to all families, than to vote someone from your family who does badly to all families plus or minus you own family; the first brings honour to you, the second brings shame…………
  • National Assembly: Vote for your Senator (senatorial zone) and Representative (federal constituency) who can represent your interests best in the federal government (Federal Government of Nigeria). Vote based on character and manifesto, what laws will he/she sponsor or contribute to when in NASS.
  • Governor: Vote for the individuals (Governor and deputy) who have the above listed character and who have the manifesto you desire.
  • State Senator: Vote for the individual who can bes represent you to the state, who is willing to meet you and who will sponsor/contribute to the laws you want in your state for its betterment.
  • LGA Chairman: Vote the person who can develop your community with a strong manifesto and the character of a leader, who you’ll hear of just like you hear of the President.
  • Ward Councillor: Vote for the individual who can represent your ward well, who knows your street name, who has the above character.

Nigeria General Election (2023): How do I vote in the Election in 5 Steps

  1. Register for your PVC (Permanent Voters Card) come 2022 during the registration timeline given b INEC (Independent Nigerian Electoral Commission)
  2. Research on the candidates that are running for election and decide who you’ll vote.
  3. Come out to vote on the Election Day.
  4. Secure you vote by monitoring your polling station in the news physically.
  5. Be peaceful during the entire process.

7 Requirements You Need to Vote in the Nigeria General Election (2023)

  1. Your PVC
  2. Research on candidates, manifestos and parties
  3. God’s Divine Guidance
  4. Your Choice
  5. 30minutes to vote
  6. 1 day for full results declaration
  7. 3 months for the new government.

However, if you are capable enough and you have interest you can run for Nigeria general election 2023.

Take action, don’t just read this article, politics requires at least your basic contribution——voting.

Will you vote in the next Nigeria General Election? If no, Why won’t you vote?

Make sure you get your PVC (Permanent Voter’s Card) you will need it to identify yourself for various services, but most importantly use it to vote in the next Nigeria General Election.

Article by VisionaryDemola
I am a politics blogger, a policy analyst and a political commentator.
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