March 29, 2023
These are the top youth empowerment programs in Nigeria today.
Youth Empowerment Program
Youth Empowerment Program


This was established by the Buhari administration (2015-2023). It focuses on enabling young Nigerians acquire vocational skills as well as starting-funds.

This is how to register for N-Power 2023


Shortened for Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria (YOUWin) was established by former President Good luck  Jonathan to provide financial assistance in form of grants to youths with creative business plans for an already registered business.

African Youth Empowerment Nigeria (AYEN)

Funded by donors in the private sector and mainly by the Nigerian Government and governmental institutions such as African Development Bank (AfDB); AYEN provides vocational training and grants for successful applicants.


Established by Vice-President Yemi Osibajo in 2017, TraderMoni was meant to provide interest-free loans to Nigerian traders to aid the ease of doing business in Nigeria at a small-scale or medium-scale operation.

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